Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, August 11, 2014

To Denver and Back!

Well, my niece was getting baptised the first weekend of August. So we had all made plans to drive to Denver so that we could be in attendance. At the time of planning, Duncan was three months old and in the height of his colicky stage. He cried at anything and everything. All day. Every day. It was very hard to handle and made me grateful that I hadn't had him first when my PPD was raging on. One of the places that he had a special hatred of was the car. He could cry for hours! There was one day that I was driving home from my mums. Well, I had to stop by Walmart on the way home and then I found out that Jon had left his phone at my parents so I had to go back there and then drive all the way home. Duncan cried to walmart, he cried in walmart, he cried back to my mothers, then he cried all the way back to our home. And not just cute little baby cries. These were screaming, he was getting sweaty and red from crying so hard! I would complain to my mother pretty much every day, because it was so hard to handle such an angry baby. Driving to Denver is a 9 hour drive. And with two kiddo's it would be even longer! So 10 or 11 hours in the car with a screaming infant and a whiny two year old. Jon and I were so excited!
Mother decided to get us airplane tickets so that we could just fly and not have to worry about driving. So that added on a whole new stress. Let me tell you, flying with two kiddos is difficult stuff! I wrote up a checklist of everything that we would need for the flight and then for our short two day affair. Then Friday came and Jon went to school to take his test early, and the second he got home we rushed to the airport. It was so not busy! Apparently 1:35 pm is a really good time for travel. We were one of maybe 8 people in line for security. It was great! Well, we made it to the machine that you have to walk through, and for some reason they wanted Liam to go through first. I told her that she had to hold on to his hand because he's a runner. Well, she didn't believe me and as soon as he was through she let go. Liam saw this golden opportunity and was gearing up to run away and had actually made it a couple steps until she grabbed on to him. Then I walked through and held his hand again. Then they swabbed my hands and then we were good to go.We got to the terminal and I got our seats changed around so that we were sitting together and then finally it was time to board. I had Duncan in the MOBY and so we took Liam onto the plane and got his carseat all set up and then strapped him in. We gave him his iPod with Curious George episodes that we had purchased off of iTunes and then poured his juice into his sippy cup. Then, once everyone was seated and the door was shut it was time for take off. I got Duncan out a little bit and started to nurse him and we gave Liam is juice and told him to look out the window, we took off and Liam was thoroughly unimpressed. He even shut the window. We got to Denver and were gouged out of a lot of money from the car rental, even though I had already paid for the car- or so I thought- and we drove out to Colorado Springs to meet up with Carlos and family and my brother Paul and his wife, Andrea who had driven from Denver to see the family. We had a fun time chatting and Elise had made a wonderful dinner for everyone.
Saturday was the baptism. It was very sweet. My niece Jacquie gave a talk on baptism and then my mother gave the talk on The Holy Ghost. My niece Christie was baptised by her older brother Nate who just turned 16. It was very sweet to see such a wonderful ordinance be performed by my nephew. After she had been baptised, Liam threw a fit because he wanted to get in. I just told him that he had six more years! My brother, Carlos, confirmed Christie a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and my sweet husband got to be a part of the circle. It always makes me so happy that I married a worthy Priesthood Holder.
Later that night, we met up with our dear friend Matt who is in his graduate program at the University of Denver. It was great to see him again and we took him and Rachel who happened to be visiting Matt that same weekend out to dinner for his birthday the next day. Matt is Jon's best friend, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his role in Jon's life. They are as different as night and day, but they complement each other so well. They can debate and argue and fight about topics but then they are still the best of friends. I am grateful for the friendship that we have with him and Rachel.
Sunday morning we had to leave the hotel at 3 am to get to the airport so that we could get on our 6:30 am flight home! It was crazy, Liam slept on the plane ride home and then refused to sleep when we got home. Jon had driven all in Denver so I knew he was tired, and so at 10, I got in my church clothes and got Liam ready and then he and I went to church. He finally napped for the last ten minutes of Sacrament, and then I took him into Nursery and he played happily, but was also very willing to come with me when I picked him up. We went home and that's when I took a nap and Jon took over the boys. When I awoke from my nap, I went downstairs and Liam was curled up with Jon asleep. He's so stinkin cute when he's asleep. Finally, at about 7 I picked him up and took him upstairs to put him in his bed, he rolled over and slept until morning. He did so well on our trip and I'm very proud of him.

Then on the 6th, it was time for Duncan's four month check up! I took him in and he got weighed and measured! He now weighs 14.8 pounds and is 25.7 inches long. He's a big boy! He got his shots and did very well with them! He only cried for a minute and then he was smiling again. I am so grateful that he is getting out of his colicky stage. He used to be so hard to handle because he would just cry and cry. But now he doesn't cry that often and when he does it's because he's either hungry or over tired.

I love my boys to death! They are so cute and I love being their mommy!

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