Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Family Photo's!

Well, a lot has happened in the month since I've had surgery. I'm all healed up and have started exercising again in hopes to lose the baby weight from two children with a lapse of Postpartum Depression in the middle. I have about 50-60 pounds to lose to be back down to a much more healthy weight so that's at the top of my to do list every day. I am also working at two different junior high's this year! The new theatre teacher at North Davis Junior High asked me to come help with their musical this year; they are doing Aladdin and so I knew that I could work it into my schedule so I accepted. It's really fun working on this show again and working with different kids. Already, it's a different show that the two other times I've worked on it. It's been really fun working with Brittany and getting to know her! I've also started back up at Syracuse Jr. High and love it. This will be my third year working with them and I seriously love being there! We are doing a play right now called "A Nuther Thing" and next semester we are going to be putting on Once on This Island. I love working with the kids and they seriously have so much talent! 

The past couple weeks, everyone in my family has been sick. Except for me! Liam started out with it, and then gave it to my mom, and then to Jon and then to my dad, and then to Duncan. Watching everyone around me get sick was like waiting for my execution! But I never got whatever bug was going around. Thankfully! Because I had stuff I had to do!! Everyone has slowly gotten better, but it was a strong virus! At first I thought that it was that Entovirus or whatever it's called that had people on high alert for a couple weeks, but Liam never had trouble breathing so I wasn't worried. Lots of fluids and baths and "rest"- which for Liam is a minute long nap- he got that from me. 

Liam has a new friend! His name is Jackson and he lives in my parents ward! They had a play date the other day which had to be postponed because of Liam's illness and recovery. Because even though he wasn't sick anymore, his nose was still runny and he would wipe it all up his arm. It was truly disgusting. Anyway, so we had a playdate with them last week and Liam had so much fun! He and Jackson played for a good two hours! But finally, Liam was tired and was starting to get a little grouchy, so it was time to go back to nana's house and he actually took a nap! 

Duncan turned six months old yesterday and I honestly cannot believe that he has been in our lives for that long! He was such a trying baby for the longest time and I was seriously just trying to keep my head above water with him. Countless prayers were offered in hopes that I would be able to cope. Then when he turned four months old, it was like a switch flipped and he became the happiest baby, rarely cries, smiles at everyone, giggles like crazy... I was very grateful because life for me had become very strained. I loved him because he was mine, but after four months I really liked him! He has been mobile for the past month. Which is a lot faster than Liam! Liam started crawling a week before six months and Duncan started right at five months! Every morning has become a "hurry and make sure everything is picked up off the floor" type of morning because this kid is a cruiser. We have his six month check up on Wednesday so we'll see how much he's grown!

Liam is learning to share, now with his new friend and his mobile little brother. And he doesn't like it all that much. Last night, we were with Duncan and Liam and Liam would rather put his toys away than to have Duncan play with them, and when we got toys out for Duncan to play with Liam would scream "NO!" and run to take it away. But it's good for him to learn that we share with others. Jon took Liam to the treehouse on Saturday and Liam pushed two kids out of his way, so we are still working on him. 

About two weeks before I had surgery, we had had family pictures taken and when I was recovering our photographer emailed me telling me that they were done. So I'll post my favourites here!

This is the beginning of a series of photo's that shows just what Liam looks like while running away from us!

It's ridiculous how excited he is...

(To find out more about our photographer you can find him here on Facebook!)

We had a fun time getting pictures taken! Our little Mr. Liam was quite the model, and it was basically a photo shoot for him. Haha, but we loved it! We needed updated photo's and I need to remember to get it done more often! At least once a year! It's amazing how much change happens in just a short amount of time!

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