Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Some Liam Funnies

So. Liam is hilarious. He just is. Here are some of his stories....

We went to the Train Depot in Ogden, and Liam has started the potty training process... Basically, when he tells me that he needs to go pee or poop, I take him to the potty. I don't force it, I don't make him. I just let him choose when he wants to go. Well, when he goes potty, I always tell him "good job!" and give him a high five. So I had to go to the bathroom, so Liam came in with me into the stall. Well, I did my thing and he said, "good job!" and gave me a high five. Right then, we heard the lady in the next stall give out a little laugh. Then Liam heard her doing her thing and pounded on the stall divider and shout, "good job!!!" I was laughing pretty hard!

Somedays, Liam is a bottomless pit of an eater, while other days he's super picky about what he'll even look at. On this particular day, he had had quite a good lunch and had eaten quite a bit. Well, we had to go to Walmart afterward to do some grocery shopping. We are going down the aisle that has all the Valentine Candy on display and Liam points and asks, "please". I told him that we weren't going to get any candy today but that we could another day. That answer didn't satisfy him, and he grabbed his stomach and dropped to the dirty Walmart floor and proceeded to cry out, "Hungwy! Hungwy Mama, So so hungwy!". While I'm standing there, watching in horror as all these people are staring at me as the mother who doesn't feed her child. I was quite mortified.

Jon and Liam had a pretty funny interaction the other day. Liam was by the brick fireplace that we have, and Jon asked him if that was brick. Liam said, "no! It's rocks!" to which Jon responded, "No, it's bricks." This went on for awhile and then finally Liam said, "No daddy. It's not bricks, it's rocks!"

Lately, Liam has been calling Jon by his first name. Usually when he's not happy with him. And it's usually in lower tone with him clapping his hands. It's pretty adorable!

The other thing that is super cute, is Duncan usually wakes up after Liam and I have been up for a little bit. Well, the other day, I told Liam that we needed to go get Duncan from his room and so he went into his room, turned on the light and in what I can only imagine was him imitating me he said, "good morning Duncan! Did you sleep well?"

Liam is very good at recognizing his alphabet. There's only a couple that he can't quite figure out yet. D is usually B or A, S is usually C, X and Y get swapped and Q is always O. But my favourite that he says is W. He says it 'wubbleyou', oh my heck. Cutest thing ever!

Today at call backs, he found one boy that became his new best friend for the rest of the time, and he followed him everywhere and did whatever he did. It was really cute!

So, a while back, my parents cat who was 22 years old went downhill really fast, like within a week, and so my parents decided that it was best for us to put her down so that she wouldn't have to suffer. Well, that was about two or three months ago. The other day, Liam went to the stairs and waved to something and said, "oh hi, Daisey!" Jon said that was pretty creepy, and then the next day Liam was in the dining room eating breakfast and I was in the bathroom doing my hair and I heard Liam say, "no, no, no Daisey. No, No". So we are pretty sure that my parent's cat is haunting our house.

Those are all the ones I can think of right now, but there are more. oh boy, are there more! When I think of some more I'll write them down. Because they say that you forget if they aren't written down. Which is so true!

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