Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Update of Sorts!

Wow... so I haven't posted anything since September. Wow.

Lots has happened!!

Liam started school again, Jon started school again, I started teaching again. We are just an educated lot!

Liam was in school three days a week originally, but his teacher and him didn't get along at all, and everyday that I would go to pick him up he would have been sent into a different classroom by himself. So I switched him out of that class, and got him into a different class and went back down to two days and that has helped him so much. We are pretty sure that Liam has ADHD and since it's a genetic thing and we know Jon has it, we are better able to help him work around it. I have found myself researching all of the reports on how to work with ADHD children and to help them be successful. He is so smart and bright and sweet, he just is so in his own world and literally cannot calm his brain down. It takes so much more energy for him to walk than it does to run, because his brain is working in overtime. I will admit that there are days when I feel like I am at the end of my sanity with him. I'm trying hard to make sure that he knows how much he is loved and that he is a smart, special little boy and that he is not lazy. Our main goal is for him to know that we are on his side and that we believe in him and that we are willing to do whatever we can to make sure that he is successful. And so far, it seems to be working. I took Liam in to class the other day and we walked in and he extended his arms out and said, "Hello Friends". AND THEY ALL CAME RUNNING TO HIM! He then touched each of them individually on the shoulder and called them by name. My face was that of, "What is going on????" My child is either going to be a politician or a cult leader..... -_-

Duncan turns two at the end of this month. What. The. Heck? How did my baby become two?? Like seriously? I don't even know how to describe Duncan. When he was born, I thought that he would be the innocent one and that Liam would be the one to kind of lead him into trouble and that Duncan would be the one to get Liam out of trouble. I could not have been farther from the truth. They are both trouble makers. The difference between them is the fact that Liam is very boisterous with his wrongdoings. He wants recognition either good or bad. He just enjoys showing off and getting attention. Duncan is so extremely quiet and stubborn. He does mischief because he can and he gets away with it. About said cult earlier. Duncan would be the true leader, and Liam would be the face of it. Duncan is so methodical about everything that he does. He also is way more stubborn than Liam. Liam would at least listen most of the time. Not Duncan. He adamantly refuses, to the point that I wonder if he's deaf. But I know he's not, because he can hear me come down the hall from the end of it. I just registered him for school for next year. I cannot believe how much he's grown.... it's pretty crazy!

Jon is taking a break from school right now because the last two classes he needs aren't offered until Fall semester. So he's still working, and he gets to hang out at home with us. I will say that it's been a hard transition. I'm not used to him being home all the time. But it's been nice to have him home to get some help with the boys.

I have worked on shows ever since Seussical ended. I music directed Once On The Island again at NDJH, assistant directed The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at SJH, was the rehearsal accompanist for Scrooge at the Playhouse, rehearsal accompanist for Charlie Brown at the Playhouse, and started working on The Lion King at SJH, and am currently helping with Mary Poppins at the Playhouse. The next show I'm auditioning for is Shrek at the Playhouse! AND!!!!! Jon is auditioning with me!! I am so stinking excited!! We are going to have a blast!

And our super big news is that we got a puppy! We've been talking about it for a long time, but it was put on the back burner because life is crazy and the time was never right and we didn't know where we would get a puppy without having to spend a lot of money to a breeder. We specifically wanted a puppy because we have young kids and didn't want to bring in a dog whose history we didn't know and we want the dog to grow with our boys as well. Well, about a 6 weeks ago, I started having the feeling that I needed to research dogs and look into the how to's of having a dog. So I did, but knew that we weren't going to be getting one for awhile. At least that's what I thought. But then, there was a picture of a puppy that showed up on the pound website. He was about 4 months old. So I just had this super strong feeling that this was the reason I was researching dogs again. His picture showed up on a Friday, and the pound was closed Saturday and Sunday. So Monday morning bright and early, we got up, went to the shelter as a family and met who would be the newest member of our family. We immediately fell in love and knew that he was the right puppy for us.
He's a lab/mix, and he's a bundle of energy. I knew that the first year would be absolute craziness, but let me tell you- having this dog is seriously like having another toddler! We have three children. Haha, not really, but that's how it feels. I'm constantly getting after Liam for teasing him and then I'm constantly getting after the dog for biting at Liam, not maliciously but in a "hey, you are the same size as me and I think you are a puppy". We have to keep reminding Liam not to lay down in front of the dog, and to stop putting his body parts next to the dogs mouth. Overall, he's an awesome dog. He's playful and super energetic, but he can feel the room and when we are ready to just relax and chill, he will lay down and do the same. He's pretty relaxed with the boys too, Duncan was pulling his tail the other day and he didn't really care. He acknowledged it and then just went back to what he was doing. Liam's behaviour has already improved as well. Everyone that he interacts with without us has told us that he's listening better and following instructions and that he's not as quick to throw fits. So I feel like our dog has been a help for Liam already. We named him Lancelot, because I was listening to Spamalot and that song came on. It suits him! Thankfully, we get to go have him fixed this month, and we are hoping that calms him down a tiny bit.

It's also funny how you forget about stuff until you see the picture and then you remember all about it!

Jon and I at the LWW performance. Jon is the best bringer of pizza! Every show, he brings the pizza for our cast party. Love him! 

They are just cute!! 

Duncan likes to sit in things!

Now they are sitting together. I have to capture these moments of adorableness...

He just laid there and coloured.... it was ADORABLE!

He doesn't nap often, so I have to get documented evidence of it!
I turned my back for 15 seconds!

Duncan tried to run away.

Liam at least attempted to help pick it up.

Grandma Hofheins and Uncle Patrick!

Christmas Morning!

The changes throughout the years!

They were both pissed about having to leave Nana's house. Look at my hot husband! 

This is a funny story: I ran out of toilet paper. So I had to call for Liam. Liam came and I told him to go get me toilet paper. He left and was gone for a long time, so I figured that his ADHD had gotten the better of him and that he forgot what he was searching for. So I called for him again and told him to get me toilet paper. This was the result. I finally was able to explain it well enough that he could bring me a full roll of toilet paper. 

New Years Eve with my best friend!!

Getting ready to go to the Bevy Awards Night at the Playhouse!

The Coven! I love these women so so much! 

So, I was supposed to play the piano for the people receiving awards. I figured because the guy who asked me knew who was winning and he had had me play the piano it meant that I wasn't winning the award that I was nominated for. But then they called my name and it was one of the most awkward moments ever, I didn't know if I should keep playing, but then they also made me give a speech, which I didn't prepare anything because... well... for reasons mentioned earlier. This photo makes me look absolutely terrified, but that's really actually how I felt.
Me and my award! I received the Best Supporting Actress! 

Duncan in Nursery! He was sitting so nicely during singing time!

This is one of Duncan's last pictures in his crib. It was a very emotional day for me, because he's my last and this is the last time that we will use this crib. I was having a hard time with this big change.

Duncan's brand new bed! I was really worried because Duncan had started climbing out of his crib, and I hadn't even started budgeting for a new bed for him. But my dad came to our rescue and got us a bed, and my mum got us some sheets that Duncan (and Liam) loved!

They built a tower!

Theatre Conference! These are some of students! 

Jon even got to come to Theatre Conference with us this year! We had such a fun time!! I absolutely LOVE what I do!! I love being able to spend time with students and help them learn!

We were making bread this day! 

Even Duncan got some dough to play with! Til, he tried to eat it. 

Liam and his best friend, Jack, at a Relief Society night hanging out. They are so stinking cute together. 

Everyone loves daddy's office!

He was happy because he got to stay up after Liam was sent to bed.

He loves books!!

I was on my 30th time trying to potty train Liam (if anyone wants to come do it for me, I will love you and make cookies for you for a year!) and Duncan just went and sat on the toilet. I think he'll be easier than Liam. And I'm wondering if I should just train Duncan and then hopefully sibling rivalry will come out in Liam.

Ready for Disneyland?

We made a trip to the temple to walk around. But it was freezing. So we took some pictures and went home!

I got so into playing the piano when I was teaching my class, and I ended up ripping out the page.   

They were both sitting the exact same way!

My brother took this photo of Liam!

Being silly at school!

Loving on Daddy!

I don't know why this is sideways..... But I love my husband! He is my everything!

This is Lancelot!

Sleepy Puppy

He thinks he's a lap dog

Liam's first barber haircut. My dad was so excited to take him to his barber, and my dad's smile throughout the whole thing was better than Liam's reaction to everything. Afterward we got ice cream, and it was a really fun outing with my daddy.

Just look at this stinking cute face!

They are so precious when they sleep!

A boy and his Dog!

A boy and his Dog..... part two!

He totally doesn't get climbing on that table from me..... I so did NOT do that same exact thing when I was his age....

We had a movie night! 

Liam was so proud of his creation!

That is our life in a nutshell. It's crazy and all over the place, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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