Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Joys of the Temple!

Well, Jon and I had a meeting with our Bishop and we have been given speaking assignments for this upcoming Sunday. Our topic: How Daily Scripture Reading Blesses Our Lives. I have been super nervous all week now in preparation for this Sunday. Jon mentioned today that he didn't know why because I'm a really good speaker, and I just laughed and told him that I really am not a very good speaker. I am a good writer and can present my thoughts and idea's more eloquently with my written works. I am an actress and not even a great one at that, I suck at ad libbing and I always stick to the script! I can recite words well, if they are written out for me, but I am by no means, a good speaker. So I wrote down an outline yesterday and started working on the easy part, which is going to be my favorite part: our introductions! I love that I am the wife and get to introduce us! And then today, Jon and I went to the temple to do the names for Ed Scriven that we've been meaning to do for ages!! It was so cool, as we were in the session I felt the baby move more strongly than I have ever felt so far. I've been able to feel little movement every once in awhile but this was the first time that it was super noticeable, and it came at a very powerful part. And it made me think about how cool it is that even in my tummy my baby can feel the spirit. After the session, Jon and I were famished and so we went to the Temple Cafeteria and ate their yummy food! Honestly, that's one of the best parts of going to the temple, not just the sessions and all of that stuff, but temple food is probably the best food I've ever eaten!! And those who know me know that I am a VERY picky eater!!
After the temple we came home and Jon went downstairs and I stayed in the kitchen just thinking about the topic, then I started writing and writing and writing, and soon I had finished my talk. I'm nervous out of my mind but I am very excited to be speaking for our new ward. We love it here so much! Everyone is kind and considerate and so friendly, I never want to leave.

Living in our own home has been pretty fun, it's fun getting into a schedule; and with Jon going to school every day and I only go MWF I've gotten into cleaning on Tuesdays and Thursday's while Jon is at school. That way when he comes home he can relax and we can do homework or play for the rest of the day. We have started going grocery shopping for ourselves which is easier said than done and we always seem to forget something, even if I have written a list. But I guess it'll just take time. Pantomime is adjusting well, although I have to admit she's somewhat annoying half the time. I'll be doing my hair and she'll want to come into the bathroom, so I'll let her in and then the door will shut and then she'll cry and want to get out and so I'll open the door and let her out, and then she just sits there and cries til I let her in again. And I'm thinking to myself, "you silly cat, just make up your mind!" she's still being naughty and jumping up onto the kitchen counter but with the enforcer of the water gun she's slowly getting rid of the habit. This morning, I heard a weird noise coming from the baby's room and so I walked in there and she was climbing up the carpet that we have on the wall (yes there is carpet on the wall). She's like a little ninja cat! The other funny thing she does is she'll jump to the step just before the landing and she'll crouch there as if to hide. She's not hiding but I'm pretty sure she thinks she is... Overall things are going really well, school is awesome for both of us, although I'm pretty sure there has been a bug going around the teachers cause we've gotten emails all on different days saying that class was cancelled because a teacher was sick... So I'm hoping I don't get whatever is going on, because I have me and my little one to keep healthy.

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