Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Move

Well, Jon and I are in our new house! It's not new, but it feels like it, with nice new paint and carpet! We got mostly everything moved in on Saturday, and then Sunday we just rested because we were pooped from moving everything the day before, and then Monday my mother and sister came over and helped us unpack and clean. They are totally heavensent, there were things that I wouldn't have even known how to do if it hadn't been for them!
Pantomime took the move a lot better than we expected. When we moved Daisey into our Syracuse house she went missing for about three weeks cause she was so scared. Pantomime was only missing for a day. She explored all of Saturday night into Sunday morning and then when we got home from church on Sunday and were finally relaxing she was laying next to us in bed under the covers, just curled up and sleeping soundly. She stayed there for quite awhile too! She was very tired. She is having a fun time just exploring places, when we first brought her over she found the tiny crevasse in between the counter and the fridge and so being the silly cat that she is, she wriggled into it. And she got stuck, turned out she couldn't go forward or backward, dad laughed and then moved the fridge so he could help her out. She's such a crazy cat! But I love her! She is now sprawled out in the sunshine coming through the window. We still have some stuff to do, namely buy curtains... right now we have none... but that's ok!
So last Wednesday, I went to my doctors office for my appointment! And we got to have an ultrasound! And try as he might he couldn't determine what the sex of our baby is... I was very sad. But it was cool because the baby was moving and kicking and stuff and then it waved! Jon wasn't able to come to the appointment because we'd made it before we realized what time we would have classes and it was the day he had classes til really late! So my mum came with me to this appointment, but it was fun! We laughed while waiting because my mum and I are really good at that. Mum laughed at me later and told me that it wasn't waving but just swimming around and I told her that she was wrong! My baby knew I was watching it and was waving to me. She's probably right, but it was still really cool to see!!!

Well that's about it for now. Time for homework!

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  1. You are going to be the cutest mom ever! I can't wait to meet your little pumpkin!