Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Test Run!

So the other night I was having a really bad stomach ache. It lasted for about two hours and then I started cramping and then my back started hurting and came in waves. Dealing with one or two, not a big deal, but when all three started happening that's when I started to worry. So I called the on call doctor and they told me to go to Labor and Delivery. I wasn't in as much pain as I thought labor pains would be, and so I didn't think that I was in labor but to be safe we went. The look on Jon's face when I told him that we needed to go to the hospital was giddiness. So we grabbed our hospital bags just in case and got in the car. Realizing halfway to the hospital that I didn't have my ID with me, so a quick call to Matt and Rachel happened because they are about five minutes away from our house.
We got to the hospital and went straight up to L&D and they took us back to the triage where they hooked me up to monitors to check for contractions- which so happened to stop on our way to the hospital... and a fetal heartbeat monitor to make sure Liam's heart was doing that whole beating thing. Everything was perfect, she then checked me and I have officially dilated!!! WHOO!!! I am at a whole 1 centimeter! 9 more to go until this baby will come out.
But it's good to have a test run before the baby actually gets here! And now, we are ready for the real deal. Being 37 weeks... it can happen any time!!

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