Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Photo's!

We got our first family photo's taken today!! And it was SOO exciting! We went and got the most adorable photo's taken of our little baby, and of us.
When I was born my mother took one look at my hands and said that I would play the piano and the flute. And now, 22 years later I play many instruments-including the flute and piano. And when Liam was born I took a look at his hands and noticed that he had the same hands as me, long slender fingers. And I said that he was going to play the piano and-I hope- the violin. So today, for pictures we took the violin that was my grandfathers-the same grandfather that Liam is named after- and used it for pictures. It was very sweet to see him with the prized possession of such a good man.
Liam was such a good little model for the photographers, and he took such good photo's. I'm excited to get the prints in a couple of weeks, because ever since we moved into our house I've kept this one wall completely empty because I wanted to put up pictures of Liam after he was born, and so now that he has been born I am ready to decorate that particular wall!! EEK!! So excited!!

Liam Andrew Mosher!

Liam with Andrew Hannah's violin

Our cute family!!

Yeah, I seriously have the cutest family ever! I love my boys so much! I can't believe that my baby boy was born almost three weeks ago! Everything in our lives is about Liam now, and I love that! It is so rewarding to have such a big purpose in your life. And I know that Jon and I would give up anything for our little boy because he is the most important person in our life. We've already given up something that is really important to avoid contention, something that I believe we shouldn't have had to. And frankly I'm still upset about it, I'm trying to get over it, but it really has been hard to know that something so trivial was much more important than something so special. But now it's up to me to just get over it. There are very few things that have happened in my life that I have held grudges over, and most of them I really have gotten over, it just takes time. And this will take time but for now I'm still very hurt. Liam is such a special part of our lives and we will always do what we have to to make sure that he is happy and well taken care of.

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  1. Super cute! Oh man. Your little family is so adorable. :) :) :)