Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Catch Up Post!

Saturday was a day of work! Mum, Dad, Rachel and Matt all came over and we worked on the yard for a good long time. I guess this would be the only good thing that has come from being guilted and forced into moving the blessing date to next week: we have one more week to get things in order.
The grass is starting to come alive and grow, we managed to get a whole new driveway, we cut down the obnoxious trees that have been growing, the willow was given a haircut, we cleaned up the rosebushes, and the boys did a ton of taking junk to the junkyard! I cannot express how grateful I am to Rachel and Matt! They are seriously the best friends ever and I am so happy that we have them! Rachel has been my best friend since we were Sophomore's in high school (even though she hated me in jr. high! tee hee) and we have been hanging out with Matt for almost a year now, and we love him tons! We really couldn't have asked for better friends, they come over every night and Liam recognizes them almost as much as he knows us. Rachel is such a good auntie to him and I am grateful that my best friend lives five minutes away so Jon and I can occasionally go on a date to have time for ourselves.
We also recently celebrated Matt's birthday! Rachel and Matt came over and I made chicken enchilada's for his birthday dinner (who would have thought that I would be the cook of the group?!) and the night before I had made my frog eye salad, so it was a really yummy dinner! Afterwards we watched tv and just relaxed.
We also finished our latest show watching binge! Jon and I go on tv crazes... We have successfully watched every single episode of: Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and now we have finished House. We started watching House while I was in the final stages of my pregnancy, when I was in the hospital for four days in labor and recovery, and we just finished it last week. We are having some serious House withdrawals but we have started a new series: Lie to Me. We aren't too sure about it yet, but it looks somewhat promising. We will see though.

Some funny things that Liam has done lately!
  • Liam was on tummy time and he was happy for a bit and then he became very upset. He was crying and screaming and just not a happy camper. So I picked him up and tried to console him and he would not have it. I was getting really confused because of how angry he was! And then he let rip the biggest toot and had an explosive poopy! And then as soon as he was done he had the most contented, happy face and was all better! 
  • After the explosive poop, I took him to change him, and I ran out of wipes, so I turned to grab some from the closet and all of a sudden he was crying! Like the "I'm in pain" type of cry, so I hurried back over to him and couldn't see what was wrong. Well, I looked at his hand and he had managed to put his hand up to his hair and he had grabbed a handful of hair and was then pulling it. So I pried his hand open and away from his head and he went back to being fine.
There are so many but I can't remember them all. He is growing so fast and I can't believe that I had him a whole month ago! He is getting stronger every day and our love for him is just exploding. With every new little thing he does I just am amazed by how blessed Jon and I are to have him in our lives! 

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