Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Month and A Half Pictures

When Liam was first born
Our first photo in the NICU

Since Liam was in the NICU, that chair and I spent a lot of time with one another

As did Jon and that chair. How precious is this picture!!

That's a proud daddy right there!

We finally got the go ahead for Liam to be discharged! We are one happy family! Look how small Liam is!

He is so little in his carseat!

Baby Burrito!!

Upholding Scottish tradition: crossing an infants palm with silver

Love that FACE!

My grandma with Liam. There is a 97 year difference between these two!

Our first professionally taken family photo's paternity test needed.

First smile at 5 weeks!

Playin' piano with mommy!

Blessing day
Here are some pictures from Liam's first month and a half of life. :) It's crazy that he is 8 months old now! We are so incredibly blessed to have him in our life and I just cannot imagine our lives without him.

I was looking thru and I realized that I never posted his first pictures after he was born. So this is his little tribute!

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