Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Alone in my Home....

I am alone in my house... well sort of. Liam is asleep in his room while Jon went to a movie with Matt... so it's just me. And this is weird. I always think it's weird when I go do things by myself, since I've been married I don't have to worry about being alone. Being alone is weird...

Well, where to begin?
Liam's first birthday is next week! How did this year go by so fast?! I keep wondering that and I wonder what fabulous things can happen in this next year.

Things that Liam now does:
  • Liam has four teeth! And we had our first dentist appointment! It went great for him, but not for me. I have a cavity. Stupid little bugger. I've been flossing and brushing, but it was an old filling that started breaking down. So I get to go get that filled. Liam LOVES brushing his teeth! It's pretty cute to see him with his little toothbrush!
  • Liam walks/runs. It's pretty funny to watch this little tiny human try to run with all his might. Sometimes he runs pretty fast and other times it's just a fast walk.
  • His gibber jabber has turned more and more into actual words! This one is pretty cute! He knows how to say, "hey baby", "amen", and Jon's and my favourite, "I got it!". 
  • Liam loves chicken!! I will get those rotisserie chickens from Sam's Club and shred it for my salads, and Liam gobbles up pieces of chicken like there isn't ever going to be any more!
  • Liam loves to go on walks. The other day, he was freaking out in his stroller and so I let him out and he walked part of the way with me. Then he decided he was done and just sat down in the middle of the sidewalk. It was pretty cute

The veil is very thin for these little people. The other day while Jon and I were at the show, my parents were watching little boy. When I went to pick him up after the show my father told me what happened with tears in his eyes: Liam had pulled out a picture of Jesus Christ that my mother had and he put it on the ground, he then knelt down and kissed him twice. My daddy said that it was the most tender, sweetest thing that he has ever seen. Later when we pulled out the picture again, Liam got this big smile on his face and I asked him, "Liam, is that Jesus?" and Liam said, "yes, Jesus". Writing it down makes me cry. If that isn't assurance that there is a God, I don't know what is. I am so thankful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have. It makes me smile to think that Liam chose us to come down to, to be a part of our eternal family.

There is probably more... like how we got rid of the giant trees in front of our house and are going to be repainting the outside. Or how I almost died at the branches of the overgrown apple tree in my quest to prune it to make it look like a tree and not a bush... or how I made these FANTASTIC cinnamon rolls the other day... mmmmm..... those will be for another day!

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