Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday Post!

I haven't blogged in such a long time, I'm not quite sure exactly where to start...

July 3, 2013 was my baby's birthday!! Liam is a whole year old now and he has the cutest little teeth. He was holding on to his infancy when he just had his bottom teeth but he transformed into a toddler when those top teeth came through. He is so wiggly and so curious about the world and he gets in to everything! Basic Toddler. He was such a content baby and would be chill with anything we had to do, but lately he's turned into a whirlwind of emotions. This kid can be happy as can be and then all of a sudden start throwing a huge tantrum. He knows that in church if he makes enough noise Jon will take him out into the foyer. Last week at church he started screaming and as soon as Jon stood up to take him out he immediately started smiling because he knew that he didn't have to sit still. He's a funny kid. For his birthday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium. It was such a fun time, Liam loved watching the shark tank with the sharks and the giant turtle! He also really enjoyed the penguins and he thought those were adorable!! I was bummed because when we went the otters were all sleeping and as cute as they were asleep I wanted to see them playing! But it's all good, I'm sure that won't be our last trip to the aquarium. We really did have a fun day for Liam's birthday. Still crazy to think that my baby is now one year old! This year has flown by!

On the Saturday after Liam's birthday we had a birthday party for the Mosher side! It was so much fun! We had hamburgers and hotdogs that were expertly cooked by my sweetheart! And we had a bunch of salads brought by my new family. And we had such a fun time! And Liam was showered with presents, he was a little over stimulated, we got home with the presents and I could tell he was just overloaded with presents, he didn't know what to play with and he got really fussy!

Then the 12th was Jon's birthday!! My honey turned 25 years old! We had a pretty chill day, Scot came over and helped us by mowing the lawn, and we got our air conditioner fixed and then Jon got a new phone. It was a pretty fun day.

Overall things are going really well! Life is good! Liam is such a joy in our lives, he really is such a good boy. I just can't believe that he's growing up so fast!

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