Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mid January Update

We are well into January, and I have been so busy that blogging hasn't even crossed my mind! But, surprisingly there is lots to tell!

As a lot of you know, I work at Syracuse Jr. High under Alyn Bone- the theatre teacher- she was my high school drama teacher and after graduation, I still performed for her community theatre shows and started helping out when she would direct at Sandsprings Elementary. That sort of all blossomed into her hiring me to help out for her shows at the Junior High. I love it! This is seriously the best job ever! I go several times a week for a couple hours and still get to be a SAHM to my growing toddler! I get to work with the kids, and to teach them to love theatre the way I do and I get to watch them as they grow and progress! Our latest project was the 7th grade musical, which we finished up this week. We auditioned about 20 seventh graders-mostly girls- and only had to recruit three boys from higher grades, but we put on the show and it was so much fun. The performance was a short 45 minute musical with about five songs, and in teaching these songs there were days that I would be a little frustrated that the kids hadn't caught on as quickly, or when we got really into the thick of running the show that they would forget something that we gave them notes on. I would come home and express my frustration to Jon and my sweet husband would be the one to reel me back in and remind me that these kids are 12 for the most part and that I can't expect perfection. That was always a wonderful reminder to me- this is why I married him!
Even though I can't expect perfection, the kids did an incredible job performing! Opening night was a little rough, because this really is one of the first experiences that most of the kids had performing in front of an audience and there was that moment of sheer terror in a lot of their faces, but as the night progressed, they warmed up. Second night, which was our closing night, ran a lot smoother. They were so good! I was so pleased with how hard they worked and so proud of the fact that they did such a good job!

The next thing that is super important, well to me anyway, is that my sweet husband and good friends Cameron and Nate, brought over my treadmill that my dad had bought me ages ago. It has been in my parents basement for years untouched because it was in the storage space, but we brought it over so that I can walk in my third trimester, and then hopefully be able to lose all this weight I'm gaining. Truth be told, I lost twenty pounds in the first trimester and part of the second and then I have gained about five back. But considering that I gained about fifty pounds with Liam's pregnancy and then with the Postpartum Depression, I really have so much to lose still when this little one is born. I want to be back down to at least my pre pregnancy weight. I remember thinking that I was so huge before I had Liam, but then I got pregnant and then gained so much weight after his birth that I would give anything to go back to being that weight. But hopefully with the treadmill in the basement living room where we have our tv and relax, I'll be able to walk. I've done really good at walking the past couple of weeks, I wanted to get on every night, but some nights have been really difficult because I've been pretty exhausted with the last week before the show. But I'm feeling really good about walking and I've been able to up my speed and up my distance. That first day was really difficult and I only walked twenty minutes at a 1.9, because I just couldn't go any further without my belly aching. But I had bumped it up to thirty minutes at the 1.9, and then today I managed to do 1.05 miles in 30 minutes at a 2.5! and my belly only slightly ached.

Third Trimester hit last week, and it hit with a passion! I had been totally fine, and then it was the day that I turned 28 weeks and all of a sudden I was exhausted, and I felt like a hungry, hungry hippo! I wanted to eat anything and everything! It was ridiculous, and I kind of went slightly overboard and I made myself two sandwiches for lunch.... TWO! Yeah, that can't happen again. At least it was healthy foods that I made two of, because when I was pregnant with Liam there was one time that I went out and accidentally came home with the 12 taco box from Taco Bell... and then I accidentally ate all of them. At least haven't had a taco incident in this pregnancy! Overall, I feel as though I've done pretty well food wise. I'm trying to eat really healthy and not gain too much weight.

Jon and I are officially adults now! We have a Costco Membership and everything! I really like the Costco Brand Diapers and Wipes and so we went and got a box for Liam today and then we started stocking up on little ones diapers. We still have so much to do to get ready for his arrival, and I feel like we aren't as on the ball as we were with Liam, but also Liam was due in the middle of the summer, so we had a good couple months to get ready for him with no stress. This one is a little bit different because he's due in April, right before/in the middle of finals and so we really have to wait for Spring Break in March to do everything in that week! Not that it's a ton, but we have to get his room ready and painted and then we need to bring up all of Liam's newborn-3 month clothing and get that all situated. Anyway, back to Costco, we went there today to get diapers, and we left with much more! Liam got really annoyed at sitting in the front and so we took him out and let him sit in the back of the cart, and he LOVED it! Until we had to put him back in the front because we were buying some bigger boxed things and needed the space. Then he threw a mini fit in the store, with tears and everything, but then he calmed down later.

Overall, we've had a pretty enjoyable January so far!! I am so excited, because on the 17th I get to go to theatre conference with Syracuse Jr. High! And then on the 27th, I have another doctors appointment. My last one going at a month, before starting the two week regiment of third trimester! It's hard to believe that I'll be delivering our second baby in just 11 weeks! I have 82 days left until the due date and as far away as it seems, it's really not! 

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