Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Crazy Life Updated!

Our little Duncan has been in our family for two and a half weeks now! We have had quite the experience, and not all of it has been easy. Today was the first day that I was with Liam and Duncan alone, it started out fine, and then slowly it turned into an all out war with Liam and I. He disobeyed, he didn't listen, he didn't follow directions, and when I would start nursing Duncan he would start getting into everything. Jon wasn't even gone all day long, but Liam was being a stinker pretty much all day. When Jon got home, he had been put down for a nap, and I decided to go on a walk. So I loaded Duncan up in the carseat and attached it to the stroller and filled my water mug and we went on a walk around the neighbourhood. It was a much needed break, until I realised that I had walked too far and still had to walk home. I was in a lot of pain when I got home, as good as I feel and as healed up as I felt before, I definitely wasn't completely ready for that big of a walk.

Well, we've had a fun two weeks!

- He is gaining better control of his neck muscles
- He is a very good eater. He loves to nurse and we have officially gotten past the soreness aspect of breastfeeding. We sometimes have issues with the latch and so we have to unlatch and relatch again. But we are getting into the hang of it
- He is really funny because even though I change him before we nurse, he always manages to give out big boy jobs in the middle of nursing
- At his last appointment he was 8 lbs 7 oz. We just have a couple more ounces until he is at birth weight, I just have to take him in this week for another weigh in to make sure that he is up to birth weight
- He is sleeping about 3 1/2-4 hours every night before waking up to eat, and then he will eat about every 2 hours during the day

- Is completely and totally busy... all the time... everyday
- We got a gold membership to the Treehouse for him. He is the "member" and we are his grown-ups. He loves the Treehouse! He loves to run around and explore and it is really good for getting some of his energy out
- Jon and I are afraid that he is a bully and frankly we don't know where he is getting this behaviour from. In Nursery, and at the Treehouse he will enter a room and if there are any children anywhere in his general vicinity he will run over and just shove them, or push them, or steal whatever toy they are playing with. It's getting to be a real big problem, Jon and I play interference as much as we can, but he is super fast and we can't always stop him. But we are trying our hardest to get him to stop
- He says several words nonstop now. "Choo Choo", "Oh No!", "Uh Oh", "A-E-I-O-U", and he will Growl on command too. He also will wave and say "bye", and he will blow kisses and give hugs. He is very sweet but he's also a terror. I live those 'Sour Patch Kids' commercials.
- He is very curious and yet at the same time extremely apathetic toward Duncan
- As crazy as he makes me, everytime he flashes that smile at me I just melt. And he knows that

Jon and I:
- I am slowly but surely healing after giving birth two weeks ago. It's a long and arduous process, and I'm ready for the six week healing period to be over, but definitely not ready for my baby to be six weeks old. I am loving and am very stressed out about having another newborn. It's not the same as with Liam, because not only do I have this brand new baby and myself to really take care of during the day, I have an almost two year old to care for as well. It's a whole new experience being the mother to two children. I love them both, but I honestly don't know how mothers of more than two do it! But Liam is so busy that he probably counts as multiple children just by himself.
I am getting excited to go back to the school to get into the last week and half of Aladdin. They open next Thursday! I am getting super stoked for them, and I am just hoping that it all comes together really well and that there aren't many things that are needing fixing musically wise. It's been nice to have a break to heal a bit, but I am very ready to get back into working with the kids and to see them grow and see the excitement of being on stage and having the show truly come together. It's been a little rough because some of the kids have not been very disciplined, but that's one of the things that we need to teach them.

- Jon, as per usual, has been getting the high score in all of his classes! We are so proud of him and of how hard he is working! He will be done with all of his classes/finals next Wednesday and then the semester will be over. Then, we will finally have him all to ourselves for just a little bit before he jumps back into Summer Semester. He has officially started the outside chores and mowed and edged the lawn this past week! Our house looks pretty good! He took Liam to the Treehouse this past Saturday, which was wonderful, because I was able to stay home and take a much needed nap with Duncan. And he took Liam and ran around with him and played with him and ran interference with him and poor, unsuspecting children who could have been his next victim.

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  1. Liam is SO big! It looks like he is very sweet with his brother in these pictures. So happy for you guys!!