Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June update!

um... wow. So much to write about!

Duncan is two months old now! We went to his two month check up and he weighed in at 12 pounds 9 ounces! That is exactly four pounds gained from birth, in two months! Time goes by so fast, especially with a busy toddler and a newborn!

About a month ago, the latch on pain while breastfeeding had gone away for about a week, and then all of a sudden nursing hurt again. I didn't know why, and I just assumed that it was because Duncan was getting lazy with latching, so we worked on the latch pretty much nonstop during nursing sessions, but the pain wasn't getting any better. I finally called the lactation consultant and she didn't answer so I left a message. Then that night, Duncan woke up at four to nurse and after he had finished on one side, I burped him. And it was not normal spit up colour, I made Jon turn on the lamp as I was just using the light on my cell phone and when he turned on the lamp we saw that Duncan had spit up blood. Nothing I write could adequately describe the fear in my heart as I patted his back again and watched as more blood came out of his mouth. I immediately called my mother to come and sit at the house for Liam as Jon hurried and put clothes on for us to take him to urgent care. Jon put him in his carseat and got in the van and left, while I waited at the house for my mother to come. She got there pretty fast, and I got into the Taurus and pretty much sped the whole way to urgent care. He had already been taken back by the time that I got there and so I went back into the room and he was laying on the table, just as content as could be. The nurse was taking his temperature and doing the nursly duties. Then the doctor came in and examined him. Upon looking in his mouth he said that Duncan had thrush, and that it most likely had caused little tears in my breast that his sucking would open up. He prescribed nystatin to both Duncan and I and then told me to keep breastfeeding him. We took our baby home relieved that nothing seemed too horrible wrong. Breastfeeding hurt like none other for the next couple of weeks, it was toe curling, make me scream and cry pain. I pumped one bottle and that made it worse and watching Jon feed that one bottle to Duncan was really hard for me because I didn't want to start giving him bottles this early. It was consoling to me that Duncan absolutely hated the bottle and didn't want to drink from it. That definitely made me feel a ton better!! At his two month appointment, the thrust hadn't completely gone away and so the doctor prescribed diflucan to kick it to the curb. And now I can't see white patches in Duncans mouth at all!

Liam is like an explosion from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. Nap time and Bed time are my favorite times of the day! He can say all sorts of words now and getting him to say them are pretty cute!

Words Liam can Say!
1. Uh-oh: this is one of his favourites! He says it almost every opportunity he can. And it's so stinkin cute!
2. Oh-no!: this is one of my favourites! He just sounds so defeated when he says this! The other day I heard that he was playing in his room and so I went and looked in on him, and he had dumped all of the dirty clothes out of the basket and was sitting in his basket. Upon seeing me, he looked around and said, 'Oh no...." it was the most adorable thing ever!
3. Choo-Choo: Jon first heard this one while at the Treehouse!
4. Two: Liam loves to count, but only count two. We'll watch him set things aside saying, "two... two... two..." it's adorable! He also knows that he's turning two next month!
5. Ah-choo: He loves to pretend to sneeze!
6. GO!: This usually goes along with two- "two, two, two.... GO!"
7. What are you doing?: It's more slurred together but it's pretty cute!
8. Where are you going?: Same as above
9. Hewwo: His version of Hello. He sounds like Scooby-Doo.
10. Bye: Complete with waving
There are more such as animal sounds and whatnot, but I can't remember all of them as I am typing this up.

I love my two boys so much! They are such a blessing to me every day! And I am so grateful that I get to be their mother. I learn so much from the way that they act. Liam is a very loving older brother and will come and give Duncan kisses, and he'll want to hold him and have him sit next to him. And when Duncan is crying Liam tries so hard to give him his binky, or he'll come grab my hand and point at Duncan to tell me to take care of it. As curious and mischievious as Liam is he is equally loving and sweet. He's like my sour patch kid- first he's sour, then he's sweet. I have come to find the differences in Liam and Duncan's personalities the more Duncan grows. Liam has always wanted more freedom to do what he wanted. When I would put him down for tummy time he would immediately wiggle and move until he rolled over at four weeks. When Duncan goes down for tummy time, he immediately finds his thumb and just falls asleep. Duncan is more chill about everything whereas Liam is very excited. Liam hated to be held and Duncan hates it when he's not being held. It's amazing to me how children who are created by the same two people can have such different personalities.

Jon and I are doing awesome! I spend all my time talking about our kids that I rarely mention us anymore! Jon is doing really well in school, I couldn't be more proud of him. He's getting to where the light is visible at the end of the tunnel and he only has about a year left before he has his bachelors! What an amazing accomplishment for my dear husband.
And me? I'm doing really well! I am tired most of the time and there was about a week of pure physical and emotional exhaustion that had hit, but I'm pretty much over it and we are persevering! I was really afraid that I was going to have to deal with PPD again this time around, but this experience has been much different. I've been able to exclusively breastfeed Duncan and I am loving it! It's hard and frustrating at times, because there have been so many times where I want to do something but I have to put it on hold so that I can feed Duncan for forty minutes, but it's so completely worth it! Duncan is doing really good at eating for twenty minutes on one side, relaxing for about a half hour and then eating for another twenty minutes on the other side and then he will sleep for anywhere between 5-6 hours. I'm getting anywhere between 6-7 hours at night and I can usually get a nap in during the day when Liam takes his nap.
Now that summer is here, I have been having my nephew Scot come over and just play with Liam and keep him entertained, and I've been able to get some major cleaning done! I spent two days on my kitchen this week (and I'm not even finished!) and I spent a good hour and a half on the guest bathroom. It's so nice to be able to get things done without having to really worry about Liam, I love him but he gets in the way! So it's really nice to have Scot come and help me out!
I also have started working on my scrapbooks again! I had 455 pictures printed off (for$50 I might add!) and I've been going through them. I haven't scrapbooked since Liam's first birthday, and his birthday is next month! That's a whole year of pictures to document! I have worked pretty hard and have gotten all the way up to Duncan's birth done. It was a little hard because Duncan always wants to be held and I can't scrapbook and hold Duncan at the same time- so for my birthday today, Jon and I went and got a MOBY wrap and now I can hold Duncan while still being able to use my hands! I love it- and am actually utilizing it right now! Duncan is fast asleep, it's genius!
Rachel and I also started doing Insanity, and we did it every day for about a week and a half, and then it fizzled. I do it every couple days now, but I know I need to get back into it. I am wanting to lose all of the awful pounds that I gained through Liam's pregnancy, Postpartum Depression and Duncan's pregnancy. Two years worth of weight. I've been better at drinking mainly water and have been really good at walking. It'll take time, I know it. But I'm excited.

Ok, that's enough rambling! Here's some pictures!

Father and son. Simply adorable!

This was a particularly rough day. Liam didn't want to take a nap, but I desperately needed on. So we all piled into mommy's bed!


Playing in Papa's black mustang

Duncan starting to smile

Duncan's smiling!!

Bathtime! Look at that belly!

Duncan is quite the spit up machine. We have a rag everywhere we go!
For Family Home Evening we went to the park and then went and got milkshakes!

My parents got Liam a motorized batman four wheeler. Totally adorable. He can't steer very well but he caught on to how to make it go pretty fast!

Our Mosher clan!

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