Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Liam!

My heart is so full as I recap this past weeks events! July 3 was Liam's birthday! We were so lucky that Jon was able to get the day off so that he could spend this day with us! We had so much fun! For about five months now Liam has been in love with trains, Jon took him to the Treehouse in Ogden and Liam ran to the little wooden train set and started saying, "Choo Choo!" We don't know where he learned it, but it's adorable! Anyway, we went to the train store in Salt Lake and we weren't too sure of the place when we first walked in, but then we went into the back of the store where all the model trains were, and OH, MY! It was amazing! There was a giant enclosure of about three or four trains, and if you put in quarters they would run and we could control them. So we did that for awhile, and then we went into where there was more trains! These ones were smaller than the big ones out in the main area, but they were so cool to watch. Liam loved every moment of it! We got him a wooden train set and a conductors hat and a train whistle. After the train store, we went to the Aquarium. The parking lot was so incredibly full that we just turned around and left, if anyone knows Liam you know that a huge crowd is a recipe for disaster! We came back to Layton, and went to Chuck E. Cheeses and had a really fun time! We ended up getting 250 tickets! So that was fun! The giant mouse came out and did his little dance with all the kids and Liam ended up running up and hugging his legs. This kid is totally ready for Disneyland! Afterward we went to Petsmart to look at the Fish, since we didn't get to go to the Aquarium. I ended up taking Liam with me to go to the bathroom-and I wouldn't tell this story if it wasn't so funny- so, this was Liam's first time in a public bathroom. We went into the big stall, because it would be easier with Liam being as busy as he is. Well, this little kid was fascinated with everything! He kept asking, "Ooh, what's that?", well... eventually another woman came into the bathroom and went into the next stall and I could hear her chuckling everytime Liam would ask what something was. The next thing I know, Liam sees her feet from underneath the stall and immediately rushes over and bends down, I knew that he was going to try to escape from me to go say hello, so I had to awkwardly lean over to grab him before he invaded this poor woman's privacy. He was not very happy, but then the woman left without realizing that I had totally just saved her from a nosy two year old! After I was done, we went and looked at the fish, and Liam was doing really well at staying close to me, so I didn't bother holding his hand. That is a mistake that I will never do again.... he saw his opportunity for freedom and ran away from me. In the middle of petsmart. I was running down the main aisle chasing after him, and he is fast despite how short his legs are! I finally caught up to him and grabbed a hold of him and he was just laughing, the little snot! I held him close and told him that he cannot run away from mommy. We left promptly after that. We went and picked up some fireworks and got home. We cooked dinner and then I fed Duncan and then put him into his bed. And we went outside with our little two year old and Jon lit the fireworks. We had a lot of fun together! Liam got to hold a sparkler, and he got to throw the pop its. Finally, it was time for bed.
The next day was the 4th of July! We woke up late, and I made some blondies, and then we went over to my parents house for lunch. It was really good! And Liam had a fun time with my brother Timy, and Duncan loved spending time with Richard. Everybody loves Richard.... Later that night, we got some more fireworks and then went home, it was really nice because the Layton Fireworks were precariously placed in such the perfect position that we were able to watch those from the back of the truck in our front yard. It was pretty awesome, no crowds and we still got to see the fireworks! Liam loved them! Afterward, we set off some more of our fireworks and then it was time for bed.
All in all, we've had a really good weekend. It's been fun!

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  1. Happy birthday, Liam! Sounds like a wonderful day!