Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pictures are Worth 1000 words!

practicing with a spoon. This was just before we left for Disneyland


He was totally pooped that first day!

Duncan got a big boy seat!

Because Duncan didn't have teeth, and he loves grapes, I had to cut them into itsy bitsy pieces. This was about three grapes.

Liam caught his first fish!

Duncan didn't like the fish. I was recording, so I had to get this picture!

The day before Liam's birthday he had a fight with gravity and lost. He was running from the kitchen into the living room and we heard him fall, then start crying. So he came over to me, and the next thing ya know, I have blood all over my shirt. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose, so we took him to urgent care the day before his birthday to make sure he didn't break his nose or anything.

Duncan and dad being ADORABLE!

Liam's birthday photo. Complete with a fat lip and all!

Uncle Chris and Uncle Patrick and Grandma Hofheins came to Liam's birthday dinner!

The Three Brothers

All the Boys!

We make little plates like this for Duncan, all chopped up, because he had no teeth. He loves his little plates!!

Scot and I managed to move the love sac into Liam's room. He loves it. He'll sit and read his stories on it.

this was the beginning of the hand foot mouth disease. Poor thing was absolutely miserable!


The sores on his mouth had started

You can see the sores on his mouth and hands. Poor thing!

Dad and Liam swimming!!

This is my grandma! And I love her so much!! She turns 100 in September! She will get to have a special dinner with the Governor, and then they will write her biography and it will be put into the Utah State History books for 2015.

Liam is a goofball, and decided this was the best way to watch his show

he's such a little person!!

Makeup for Seussical!


The bird girls!! 

Playing peek a boo! He's gotten so big!

Jon is the best dad ever and brought home these boxes for the boys to play with!!! They have loved them!!

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