Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Poisoning: ugh...

We've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks. First off, my brother moved out of my parents house and into his own home. So because he'd been in there for 13 years my parents decided to do some renovations. Last week before Christmas, Jon and I were over at his house for three days straight helping him move all of his stuff into his new house. And it was more difficult than it really should have been, mainly because he didn't rent a U-Haul that had one of those convenient ramps that heavy stuff could be rolled onto, oh no... he and my sweet husband had to lift all of the heavy things, including a heavy couch and very large TV. Finally, Richard was moved out, and my daddy finally went in and we made a plan to remodel the house. And so the remodeling began! We got rid of garbage, cleaned crayon from the wall, removed carpet and padding, got rid of dust and dirt and after that Dad, Jon and I went to Subway to get food, afterward Dad stayed at the house to fill in holes in the wall and Jon and I came home. Later that night we went to RC Willey to look at carpet to put into the house and then all of us came home and ate dinner and then went to bed. At about four in the morning, I woke up with the worst feeling in my belly ever. I rushed to the bathroom where I proceeded to be sick both ways for the next five hours, I tried drinking some coke to settle my tummy where it came up immediately, and then I tried drinking some water and I couldn't even keep that down! I was so sick and so achy, I just figured I had the flu. Jon gave me a blessing, and I was finally able to get some sleep, the next morning mum texted Jon telling him that my daddy had also been up all night and that renovating that day was probably going to be a no-go. Jon said that he also had been feeling some indigestion but nothing anywhere near how horrible Dad and I felt. We attributed the sudden illness to food poisoning from Subway as that was the only place that Jon, Dad and I had all eaten together. Boy, oh boy, was it the worst feeling in the world! My body just hurt and ached and it was the worst thing in the world. I was so dehydrated and everything I drank made me feel worse. Jon tried to keep my hydrated though and so he would have me drink water and ginger-ale. I was so dizzy that even sitting up in bed was difficult, Jon was the most amazing nurse ever, he was so attentive and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible. Then last night we were laying in bed and I was in just so much pain that Jon gave me another blessing and blessed me with comfort and that I would be able to rest, and before he had even finished the blessing my pain was slowly going away. I have never been more grateful to have married a Priesthood Holder than I was last night! This morning I woke up and I felt so much better, I was still tired beyond belief and I was still feeling the aftereffects of the food poisoning. But holy chalupa, worst couple days ever!! One thing we did do last night was use our fetal heart moniter just to check up on the baby since I'd been throwing up so much and hadn't really kept fed or hydrated and it was really funny because we would find the heartbeat and then it would move away, and then we'd find it again and then it would move away, and Jon finally said, "Britt, it's probably getting annoyed that you keep pushing your belly to hear it! It's probably saying, 'Mum, stop pushing on me!'" So that was really funny, but Baby seemed fine. He/She is probably really hungry because I am really hungry but Baby is fine, and I'm started to feel much better. Now it's just back to renovating and tomorrow I have a rehearsal for Video Games Live and then a performance on the 30th, so Jon and I are very excited about that. I get to sing and Jon gets to watch.

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