Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Hair!

Today, was a pretty awesome day, it started off pretty boring with the annoying sound of the alarm going off and me turning it off many, many times until Jon's alarm went off. You know what I hate about boys? The fact that they can get up ten minutes before they have to leave for somewhere and they can pee, shower, brush their teeth, and be ready to go... I'm lucky if I can pee and brush my teeth before having to leave! For me, getting ready used to be a really important thing! I would shower and shave my legs (that was always important!), brush my teeth, do my makeup, blow dry my hair and style it. I used to look awesome! But what with school being at such an ungodly hour, I have to take extra showers in the middle of the day to actually shave my legs! Today, was the breaking point for me... Jon and I came home from school and I looked at myself in the mirror and was actually pretty upset with myself that I had let myself go so far downhill! The last time I got my hair cut was July before Nunsense, and so it's been ya know... forever... and this morning was my last straw, I had actually not even blowdried my hair this morning! I just put my bangs (because they had grown obnoxiously long) and just pulled my wet hair into a ponytail. GROSS!!! I finally just got the keys and I drove to the closest hair place and I got my hair cut and coloured. I was so excited to come home and see my sweet husband! I walked in, and I was just beaming because I was really excited to have my husband see my new hair. And so I walked in and I was just beaming and I saw my sweetheart and he really liked it. It looks a lot better than it did and I was super stoked.
Yeah.. today was good. We also had our second to last day of classes, which after the horrible semester we've had with Psychology I am more than grateful to be done with that class, and that horrible teacher... seriously, the teacher sucks and I really hope that she never gets to teach another class ever again, for the sake of other people. I wouldn't wish her on any of my enemies, that's how awful she is!
ok. rant over. Psychology sucks, school is almost over, gorgeous hair and a fun night with the parentals!

Oh yeah...

Christmas is in 20 days... BE EXCITED!!!!!

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