Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Newest Swear Word...

So all throughout my life there have been different instances where certain words have become swear words or insults.
To my days in Slovitzia with Austin, Dallin, Travis and Mitch with "Diphthongs" and "Uncultured Swine"; and my good friend Emilie with, "Cheese and Crackers" and "Pineapple"; also, we mustn't forget this one "What the Holy Chalupa" and "Chalupa Sagrada". And then ultimately, "What the Dallin?" which is still used and loved to this day. My new swear word is now:

Gender Neutral

Possibly one of the worst words imaginable in the English language and whatever other language it translates to. Here is why:

1. January 11, 2012: we had our appointment with our OB/GYN and we were supposed to find out the sex of our child, I ended up being a week too early at 15 weeks. So the sex could not be determined at that time.
2. February 10, 2012: Another doctor visit- another ultrasound. Sex is still not able to be determined due to my child being in a breech position. Therefore, the legs were very tightly shut and there was no way around them.
3. February 22, 2012: I was scheduled for the "big ultrasound" with the ultrasound technician. I show up with a full bladder like I am supposed to, and she goes through the anatomy of the child and shows us everything. My baby decided to be modest and keep its legs up for the whole first session. She tried everything she could to make it move, but to no avail.
4. February 22, 2012: The Ultrasound Tech makes me go give my urine sample, hoping that by me emptying my bladder we will be able to get a closer look at the baby, or that it will move for us. My sweet, stubborn, unborn child decided to keep its legs up for the second half of the ultrasound and the tech said that she couldn't determine what the sex was. We ended the session.
5. February 22, 2012: I met with my OB/GYN a half hour later for my check up and told him that the Ultrasound Tech still couldn't determine the sex, so we go and he checks the baby again. In the half hour between appointments, my baby turned breech and so its legs were again: tightly shut.
6. March 23, 2012: I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and we go in for our latest appointment. Dr. Hall, once again, takes us to get an ultrasound to determine sex. And what would you know, it decides to keep its legs up again. I finally asked Dr. Hall if there could be something wrong with our baby's legs, because it seems to keep them up a lot. And he told me that as long as I feel the kicks, then there is nothing wrong with them. So our child is just extremely stubborn.

Jon and I went to Target to register for baby items, but it's extremely difficult when half the aisle is blue and half the aisle is pink and there is a little, itty bitty, tiny, minute section that may be green or yellow. I am so tired of looking at Gender Neutral. It's become almost comical now, it's like our child is mocking us now. My mum makes gorgeous sweaters, but she's been doing one of each colour now, because we don't know what it is. And the ones we don't use will most likely be donated to charity, but still. My poor mother is having to make two of every sweater she does. It's becoming rather annoying. At this point, I am six months pregnant and only have three months left of this pregnancy. And our next appointment is in April, actually on Rachel's birthday, so I invited her to the ultrasound for part of her birthday, and hopefully she will be good luck and the baby will reveal itself for Auntie Rachel. We'll see... fingers crossed. If we don't find out, I am just going to resign myself to the fact that we won't know til the baby is born.

Gender Neutral.... you suck.... and I hate you. Sincerely, me!

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