Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silly Kitty!

Ok, so I haven't blogged for... a really long time! I don't like to blog unless I have either something important or something funny to write about.
Well... the other day, something funny happened.
Our good friend Dallin came over to our house and we hung out and then we went to a movie that night, well when we got home it was really late and so Dallin left and then Jon and I got ready for bed. Well, while brushing my teeth, Pantomime was right next to me the entire time in the hallway bathroom. Jon and I were laying in bed relaxing before going to sleep, and I could hear scratching in our bathroom, so I told Pantomime that she needed to stop. And the scratching stopped for a minute. And then, it started up again. So, again, I told her to cut it out, or I would come in there. Usually that's when she would stop and come out of the bathroom and lay down by me. But she still didn't do anything except still scratching at whatever she was scratching at.
So I finally get up and go into the bathroom to get her out. Well, in our bathroom, this is the only place in our house where our vent is uncovered, because it was just so broken when we moved in and so we just took it out and were going to buy another one when we got all moved in. Well... I go into the bathroom, and Pantomime is not in there... at least that I could see. But I could still hear the scratching. And I looked down at the uncovered heating vent and realized that that was where the scratching was coming from. So I called out her name and she meowed for me... from the heating vent. I called for Jon and I was hyperventilating, not knowing how we were going to get her out. She obviously couldn't go any further and she couldn't back up, and she was just stuck. I didn't know how we were going to get her out! And so Jon came into the bathroom and asked what was wrong and I couldn't even tell him! I just pointed to the vent and he asked if Pantomime was down there and I just nodded my head. And he reached in and grabbed her tail, and started pulling her out; finally he could grab her legs and he was able to pull her out of the heating vent hole.
We know it had to have hurt though because it was such an awkward angle. But there wasn't much choice, Jon pulled her all the way out and she was gray, that's how dirty she was. And so we took her straight to the hallway bathroom and ran the bath, until the water was up enough she just clung to me and she was shaking. So I finally was able to put her in the tub, and started washing her off, and she just sat there and let the water run over her. She's never been so complacent for a bath. But after shampooing her I looked at the water before rinsing her off, and because of how dirty the vent was, the water was this nasty brownish-black colour. So we drained the tub and filled it up again, and then she was starting to get a little annoyed, but she still stayed pretty calm while I finished shampooing her and then conditioning her. Then we put her in a towel and got her somewhat dried off; we also clipped her nails, cause we figured she was annoyed with us enough already.
After that Jon and I went to bed, and Pantomime came up and laid down next to us. And she smelled SOO awesome!! It was just a bummer that we had to go through the traumatizing event to get her to smell that good.

Pantomime looking very sad...

She's so skinny when she is wet.

Her in her towel.

Needless to say, Pantomime will NEVER go down the deep dark tunnel that is the heating vent again. Which, we still need to get covered.

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