Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Catch Up Post! (I can never think of Titles...)

Well, these past couple weeks have gone by really fast. I ended up getting really bored with Jon's and my room the other day, so I reorganized everything! I put up new curtains, moved our bed to a different wall, painted the far wall and moved dressers and tables around. I just have to get frames so that I can put up pictures on the walls now. I am even going to put up a cute quote from either Moulin Rouge or Frank Sinatra
"The greatest thing you'll learn, is just to love and be loved in return" -Moulin Rouge
"A simple 'I Love You' means more than money" -Frank Sinatra

If there was a quote by Dean Martin I would put that up in a heartbeat. He's my favourite!

But the room looks much better! I am way excited to finish it! I've also started thinking about how to redo the kitchen. I am thinking about sanding down the cabinets and refinishing them with a cherry wood colour. And then, since Jon and I don't have money to actually put in a granite countertop, I have researched how to paint with that marble look. And then we'll put a glaze over it so it's shiny! I'm really excited to renovate our kitchen. The house was built in the 70's, and so the kitchen was very... well... 70's!

The other day, Rachel and I went to Beyond Spa for their promotional special: Ghouls Night Out. And oh my holy freaking chalupa! It was positively amazing!! We had a foot soak, while we got to nibble on apples and caramel, pretzels, taffy and these really good lemonade drinks. After that we went into the pedicure room and got these really good pedicures with the wonderful sugar scrub! Then we got these 50 minute full body massages. I was sooooooo incredibly relaxed afterward. I didn't want to get up. The massage tables were all heated and stuff. Aahhhhh.... so awesome! I had so much fun with Rachel! Love her!

My adorable little man sleeping!

Cannot get enough of this smile!!

Liam loves his daddy so much!

Watching this made me so happy! You can see in Liam's face just how much he loves his daddy!

I love my Mosher Men!

The above pictures are my favourite! When Jon holds him, Liam just brightens up. When Jon comes home from work, Liam always gives him a huge smile! You can tell just by watching the two that Liam looks up to his dad so much! His dad is his hero and best friend! I love the bond that they have!

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