Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Conference, Camping and a Getaway!

For Conference Weekend, we went up to Pineview to spend the day with the Mosher's and Sheridan's. It was Liam's first camping experience! So we got him all bundled up and got in the van and headed up to Pineview. We headed up and went up the Morgan way, but we ended up missing our exit so we headed back down and just went up the way that Jon knew how to go. So we got up to the dam, and instead of going straight like we were supposed to we turned and went over the dam, and then I read Sheri's text and we had to turn around again. We got to the campground just as we heard the big announcement made by President Monson about young men being able to serve missions at age 18 and women at 19. Holy cow! I have one less year to prepare for my baby leaving on his mission! That was the thought that went through my head as I heard that announcement. WOW! We got up to the campsite and it was FREEZING! I tried to tough it out outside and had Liam bundled in a onsie, socks, a fleece footsie pajama outfit, gloves and a hat. However when I felt his nose, it was very cold, so I took him inside the trailer and we finished listening to Conference in there. We had quite a fun time up in the mountains.

Jon and I also had a mini vacation! Jon surprised me with a date day and night just us, Thursday we dropped Liam off with my mother and we went to Salt Lake and ate at our favourite restaurant: Tucano's and then we went to see Taken 2. After that we walked around the Gateway, and we found this way awesome store that has a bunch of childhood games! We bought Liam a jack-in-the-box, a rattle, a teether ball and a tube thingy that looks like the hungry caterpillar! After we bought toys for our son, we went to the Anniversary Inn and checked into our room. We had the Sultans Palace and it was way cool! Our bed was on the backs of elephants and our tub was at the feet of this creepy giant phoenix. We had quite an enjoyable time!

We got home this morning and to see the giant smile on our sons face was such an amazing thing! He loved the jack-in-the-box! And he loved shaking his rattle! It was so much fun to show him that even though we had left for the night we hadn't forgotten about him. We love our little boy so much and we can't imagine our lives without him. Even for the one night away it was so weird for us and we ended up talking about him the entire time anyway!
Liam and I up in Pineview!

Do you see his cute little gloves?? It looks like he is flipping off the camera but he's really not!

Us walking along the path

I love this picture of Jon and I

Liam was cold so Jon cuddled up with him!

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