Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parties, to Airplanes, to All Hallows Eve!

A couple weeks ago, Jon and I threw our Halloween Party! It was so much fun! We had desserts, and costumes and games, and friends; and at the end of the night we watched The Woman in Black. Rachel, Matt, Jon, Liam and I dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang. Jon was Freddy, I was Daphne, Rachel was Velma, Matt was Shaggy and Liam was Scooby Doo! We had such a fun time with our friends!

Then we had a little adventure! Timy and Meagan got married over the summer, in probably the most romantic place in the world: Italy! The pictures of their engagements and ceremony were absolutely stunning! Well, since their ceremony was in a foreign country, none of us were able to attend. So we flew down to Texas this past weekend and went to a party that had been planned as a reception of sorts. Jon and I were a little worried as to how Liam would handle a plane ride, but we got all packed and packed the diaper bag full of things that we figured we could use on the plane to distract our little one. We bought pre-mixed formula so that we didn't have to worry about water and powder on the flight, and we got snacks and such for us for the ride. We got to the airport and checked our luggage and then proceeded to go thru security. Let me tell you, that security is much more annoying when you have a tiny infant who somehow gets heavier and heavier the farther you walk! We took out the formula so that TSA could test it, and she asked if it was ok for them to test it, so we told her yes and she said, "Oh, good. Because if you had said no, I would have had to pat you down and search your things." I just laughed and said that she could test it all she wanted then. It is really funny though, because these TSA people are acting all tough and whatnot, but our little Liam managed to be charismatic enough that everyone wanted him to smile at them next. It was pretty cute! We then approached the terminal, and we got to get on first because Liam is under 2. The stewardesses just loved him!! Liam played a bit and then promptly fell asleep. He is a really good flyer!
We got to Texas and Tim and Meagan picked us up, and we drove for 2 hours to Victoria where Meagan lives. We got to our hotel and we set up Liam's pack and play, and he was so out that he didn't even stir when we were moving him from the bed to the pack and play.
The next morning, we woke up and got ready and then we were picked up by Tim and taken to Meagan's mothers home. Her mom had her garden done and it was beautiful. Timy made this wonderful buffet style meal that was fantastic! And we got to meet Meagan's family! We had a really fun time! We flew back Sunday and Liam was just as good on the way home that we was on the way to Texas. We got to the airport and got into the terminal, I changed him before we got on the flight, and then we got into the plane, the stewardess came around and gave all the little kids Delta Wings, so I put those on Liam. Then as we were taking off, first I smelt it, and then I felt it. Liam's digestive track decided that that was the perfect time to have a blowout explosion of nastiness. It was so bad! Usually his diapers can keep it in, but it didn't with this! It had come out the side of his diaper and was fouling up his cute little shorts! Finally, we were in the air and I called the stewardess over and asked if I could hurry and go to the bathroom to change our little stinky boy. She said that it was easier to do at our seats because we would have more room. So we put down the trays and laid him on them. Jon got out five or six wipes that I could have, and I undid his diaper and it was the fastest change/clean up I've ever done! Liam, of course was laughing and giggling the whole time! I hurried and changed him and we put the dirty diaper in the barf bag and then Jon gave it to the stewardess. The routine was the same as before and Liam soon fell asleep and then we were home.

Today was Halloween, and we got all dressed up and went to our wards trunk or treat. Kind of lame if you ask me or Jon. We find it kind of a cop out! When we were little we had to go around to people's houses and ask for candy, now everybody parks their cars and little kids come to you. What happened to the good ole days of roaming from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and figuring out where all the best candy was? Holidays really aren't the same since all the scares and people going crazy, which is sad. I remember learning about Halloween stories and having parties and dressing up and parading the school when I was little. Now, everything has to be "politically correct" which I think is ridiculous. Kids are only kids once and this whole being politically correct is ruining their childhood.
We got home from the trunk or treat and Liam was hungry and then he ate quite a bit (10 oz!) and then he started dozing, so I put him in his crib to let him sleep. We are going to start trying to get him to sleep in his own crib. This is the second time I've said I will start trying this so we'll see how run 2 goes. Right now, he is sleeping peacefully in his crib!

Rachel-Velma; Matt-Shaggy; Jon-Freddy; Britt-Daphne; Liam-Scooby Doo! Liam was ready for bed as he so adequately demonstrates in this photo!

This is a sweater that my mother made for Liam!

This was his adorable little outfit we bought for the party. It makes a wonderful Sunday outfit too!

We gave Liam some banana flavoured wafers! I didn't want his outfit getting dirty. But he loved them!

For Scot's birthday we got a prailines and cream cake. I couldn't eat any but Liam was sure looking at it very intently. This was as close as we let him get to it. :)

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