Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"I have wings, and I can fly. You teach him earth and I will teach him sky"

"Their adventures were over. They hailed his great YOPP! And Jojo was honored as thinker non-stop. Now all Jojo's thinks would forever be heard, including this think......................

Lyndsie as our Cat in the Hat and Liam as The Elephant Bird
 Seussical is over, and it was such an amazing experience! I loved working with the kids and teaching them music and teaching them about finding their characters, finding their voices, and finding their place on the stage. 

We had some fun times as adults working on the set. First of all, the Thursday during Spring Break, Jon and I went to SJH to help build the set. We were there for six hours building platforms and painting flats and doing all sorts of work. We really had a fun time, and a great turnout of students willing to come help on their week off. Then, the week before the show started we still had a canopy to put up. I should mention that this canopy was very large and extremely heavy. Alyn had put some chains on the canopy so that we could hoist it up and attach it to the beam by the ceiling. Jon came up with the idea to attach ropes to the chain and have three people pull on the ropes to lift up the canopy. Alyn, Jon and Matt pulled on the ropes, and it lifted into the air... But then came the question: how were we going to attach it? Did I mention that it was heavy? Letting go of one of the ropes to chain it would result in part of the canopy falling down, which would make it too difficult to hold up for the other two. Thankfully, I realized that Alyn had put two other chains onto the canopy, so I climbed up the small mountain like ladder and had to throw the chains over the rail and then attach the chains together. The first chain I did great, and it was fine... The second chain, was a wee bit more difficult. As I climbed the ladder I broke the cardinal rule of being up high: DON'T LOOK DOWN! Well, I looked down and all of sudden my legs started getting a little shaky and I started getting a little light-headed. And luck would have it, the second chain was a little bit more difficult. For some reason the screw in the chain was not budging and so here I was on this gigantic ladder fiddling with this chain, and finally I managed to twist it, attach it and then climb down as fast as I possibly could. Then Jon got up and managed to fix the other chains, and then we all stepped back and realized that the canopy really was what was missing from the set! It was beautiful! It caused for a late night for us though, which was fun for Liam.
Liam has been so good throughout this whole rehearsal process! I know that I've said it before but I honestly don't know how we got so lucky to have such a sweet boy. But he really is perfect for our little family. He did so well on stage too. And I have to admit that I cried every time that he was brought out on stage in his little costume! 
Liam with his little elephant/bird adoptive parents :) Horton the Elephant and Miss Gertrude McFuzz
The show was fun, the kids did their absolute best! We had three performances this past week. Thursday night the kids performed once and Friday there were two performances. We set up a nursery of sorts in the teachers lounge and we tried to have Liam nap in between shows, and according to Jon he was almost asleep until the janitors came in and vacuumed. So that was a slightly wasted effort. But he did fine in the performances. When Liam gets excited he starts waving his arms really fast, well, when they brought him out on stage he got excited and he started waving his arms. However, it looked like he was flapping his wings. It was adorable! I cried every time he came out on stage. I know that I've mentioned that before, but it is so true, I teared up every time. 
Thursday's performance went so well! It was one of the best times I've ever seen the kids do their show. After the performance, I was buckling Liam into his stroller, when Jon came over to me and said that someone was there that I needed to see. So I looked up and there was a man walking with Jon. It took me a moment to realize just who he was. The man was Dr. Craig Hall, my OB/GYN! I was totally shocked and asked him why he was there, and apparently the girl in the first picture: Our Cat in the Hat is his granddaughter! Of all the random coincidences, right? It just goes to show that it truly is a small world!

How incredibly grateful I am for the chance to work with these kids! I love all of them, and I am really excited to work with them again for next years musical! It will be really fun! 

In other news! Liam is learning all sorts of things and it is so fun to watch him grow. He learned how to wave! It is seriously the most adorable thing ever! He is quite fickle with it though, and will only do it occasionally. So when he does do it it's really cute! He also has started crinkling his nose when he smiles, it's so cute! He also has been wanting to talk so badly and will babble non-stop. As soon as this kid learns how to form words I don't think the words will ever stop. My child will definitely be a talker and most likely a charismatic one at that. Everywhere we go he makes friends, we went to the supermarket today and every person we passed he would smile at and he would be so friendly. He is such a happy child and I'm sure that he brightens everyone's day that come in contact with him. That is a trait that I pray he always keeps.

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