Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seussical Jr!

Today is final dress rehearsal for Seussical Jr. at Syracuse Jr. High. I cannot express how awesome these kids are and how wonderful this opportunity has been. Not only have I been able to work with such awesome people I have been able to watch these kids grow. Watching the awe and wonder on a childs face is probably one of the most rewarding things to me. I get to see my own baby react to things everyday because EVERYTHING is new to him. But for these kids to get up on stage and perform is wonderful. I am so incredibly blessed! The kids have worked hard and they have done so well. And when they bring Liam on stage for his part makes me tear up and cry every time. My baby is not really a baby anymore. He will be one in three months, and that is really hard for me.

Seussical will be playing at Syracuse Jr. High April 18-19: Thursday at 7 pm. and Friday at 4 pm, and again at 7 pm. Tickets are $5 in the office or at the door.

Ok, Life has been good. I had a couple weeks where I kind of just fell off the earth and avoided contact with the outside world but I'm better now. After several months my little relapse into my PPD was almost unbearable. But I've managed to get out of my funk and get going, being a part of Seussical has been such a blessing, I had forgotten what it was like to be busy all the time and barely have time to do anything, but I have missed it. I miss being in shows, I miss being busy, I miss having a life outside of home. Not to say that being home is bad, but I do miss the busy-ness and hustle and bustle of having a completely chock full schedule. I am excited to have a house full of kids and be a part of their busy schedules though. That will be fun.

Sorry, this post is rather boring..... one day I'll be able to find time to sit and blog longer. After the musical is over.

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