Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Doctors appointments and the like!

This week I had a doctors appointment. I love morning appointments and so mine was scheduled for 9:45 am. Jon left for school that morning and then I figured that Liam would wake me up as he is usually up by 8:00; of course the day that we have plans he decides to sleep in. I awoke with a start at about 8:20 and hurried and got dressed and then went into Liam's room to wake him up. He was quite grumpy at being awakened but didn't fight too hard. I got him changed and dressed and we got in the car so that I could drop him off at my mom's house before going to the doctor. After dropping him off I went to Tanner Clinic so I could have my appointment with Dr. Hall. What a sight for sore eyes! I love this man! He is such a wonderful doctor and I fully give him the credit at saving Liam's life during his first couple of hours, if it weren't for him I'm sure the delivery would have ended very differently without his quick actions. He took me into the other room and I was able to have another ultrasound done. And there was my newest baby, still wriggling away. Dr. Hall did some measurements and we determined that my due date is still the same. I am in the second trimester now, which baffles me because I remember with Liam it felt like that took forever! But I will be 15 weeks this coming week. This pregnancy feels like it is zooming by. My morning sickness isn't as bad anymore, but it's still not wonderful. Today, I felt like throwing up all day long. I did have plans to do some work in the house but it didn't pan out because every time I was standing up I was fighting the urge to vomit. Thankfully, Liam was pretty good today and watched his movies and played happily by himself for most of the day.
Then the next day after my doctor appointment, Liam had his 15 month checkup. Good news: his weight is up! His doctor seemed a little concerned because his weight took a dip at his last appointment (12 month) but I honestly think it was because it was right before his growth spurt. But he is at a good weight for his height. Dr. Silas seemed really pleased with all the milestones that Liam is hitting, many of which he said was quite early for his age. I had said that I was a little concerned because even though I know he can say some words he stays pretty quiet and won't really say a lot of words, but he'll babble and he will follow instructions like, "go find Daddy/Mommy", "let's go to your room" those type of things. And so Dr. Silas put my mind at ease and told me that he's busy learning and that as long as he says words and will follow instructions he's not worried. Then when he was done with his examination the nurses came in and it was that time again: the time where I had to sit him on my lap and hold his arms down so that he could get his shots. That really is the worst thing, holding your baby down while people inflict pain. No matter how necessary the pain is, it's still hard to hear your baby cry out from it.

Well, with it being October now, I have started making some crafts for Halloween! I made a cute 'Happy Halloween' sign that my dad is going to gloss to make it shiny and be able to weather the elements, and then I am wanting to make another thing for outside so that it's like those road signs that say cute Halloween sounding places. Then I found a cute saying that read, "A Witch and her little Monsters live here with one handsome Devil" that I'm going to make... maybe not this year, but for next year. I'm excited! I've never really been a fan of Halloween but holidays are much more fun when you have a little one! We are going to go to Syracuse City's Pumpkin Walk that they do every year and then go to the Clearfield City's Boo-nanza! Then our ward is doing a Halloween Carnival on the 30th and then the trunk or treat on Halloween. I'm just hoping that I am feeling up to doing all of this and that my stupid morning sickness won't interfere with our plans!

Jon is doing really well in school. He finished his Informations System Technology class that was online and so that class is completely out of the way! Then this week he got 99/100 on his pre-calc test! How exciting is that?? Jon was really excited that he nearly aced his test. And I could not be any more proud! Jon is such a good father and an amazing husband, I love being his wife and I love that I get to call him mine. He has flourished these past couple years and he has grown so much just in the time that I've known him. I love him so much and I am so grateful that he is mine forever! The other morning I woke up and he'd left a note on his pillow telling me how much he loved me. He is just so sweet and so thoughtful and caring. And he is such a good daddy to our Mr. Liam, Words cannot adequately explain the light that comes into our sons eyes whenever Jon comes home after being gone all day. It's like nothing else matters to our little boy and all he wants is to be with his daddy. I love the relationship that these two have already, as small as Liam is, he knows that Jon is his dad and that he would do anything to protect him. So grateful to have my wonderful love in my life. 

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