Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Update!

Well, with a new baby coming that means that we have to rearrange our house to welcome our newest little addition! We have three bedrooms upstairs in our house, one is the Master Bedroom, then the room at the end of the hall is Mr. Liam's room and the third room had been an office/playroom for Jon and Liam. We needed to move the office downstairs so that the third room upstairs could be the new baby's nursery. Knowing that the new baby will be with us in our room for at least the first three months made me start thinking about Liam's age and whether or not he'd be ready for a toddler bed by the time that the new baby needed his crib. So then the search for affordable big boy bedroom sets began; and that was quite daunting! Then, Jon's dad called him up one day and asked if we wanted Jon's old bedroom set! What a strike of luck!! We said that we would happily take it and that took quite a load of pricey burden off of our shoulders! We went and got that this weekend and it was really awesome because Liam has a bed, a desk, and a dresser! We set it up (I say we but I really mean Jon) and Liam had fun bouncing on his new bed. We took his changing table out of his room and have been using the bed as the changing table. It's been nice, we've been toddler-ising Liam's room to make it friendly for him (again, I say we, but it was really Jon. I sat and cleaned out the closet while Jon did the heavy stuff).
Being 19 weeks pregnant this week I realise that I am tired... a lot... I had forgotten just how tired a body gets when growing a child. It doesn't help that I am still a mom to a very busy 16 month old! Liam shocked me this Sunday though, in a good way. Jon was finishing setting up Liam's new bed and so I had taken in Liam's pajama's and a diaper into the bathroom so that I could just change him in there after his bath. Well, he played happily in the water, and then when he was done, I took him out of the bathtub and dried him off so I could put his diaper on him. Well... he stood up as soon as I was done drying him and he went over to his potty and he lifted the lid, sat down and proceeded to use it! I was both shocked and elated that he chose to go potty all by himself with no word from me. After he was done he got up and came and sat down on the towel and let me put his diaper on. What a wonderful moment for me as a mom! I've noticed this about Liam, when he doesn't know how to do something he won't do it, I'll use the stairs for this. Until Liam knew how to climb down the stairs and up the stairs he wouldn't go near them. I never had to worry about him falling down the stairs because he just didn't have any interest in them until he knew exactly what to do. And so now, I still don't have to worry about him and the stairs because he knows how to go down and up them. We never had to put the gate up so he wouldn't go down them. I'm seeing a pattern with him, he's very intuitive and he's extremely smart, he won't do something or even attempt until he knows that he really does know how to do it. That's with the potty. I haven't pushed potty training because I don't want him to hate the toilet, but I bought the toilet so that we could have it in the bathroom so that he would be able to see it and not be scared of it when the time actually comes to fully train. Same with the new bed. I want it in his room so that when all of a sudden it's time for his crib to be moved out, he recognises the bed because it's been there for so long. My method is obviously working for him, so I'm content.

Exciting news this week!!! My sister in law Meagan had her and Timy's baby! Her name is Nola Irene and she was 8 pounds and 20 inches long. I am so happy for her and my brother! It's kind of weird to see him as a dad, but I love seeing the pictures of them with their new baby! It really is wonderful to watch others experience the amazing outpouring of love that comes with having a child! I know that I didn't truly understand love until I had my sweet little Liam! I also love the fact that Liam and Nola are only  a year and some months apart and then my newest baby will be about six months younger than Nola! They are going to have cousins to play with!! The only downside is that they won't be able to play with one another until the holidays when Tim, Meagan and Nola come out for as they live in Texas. But for them to have cousins close in age is something I am thrilled about!

Baby Number 2 Update!
Well, I have had so many family members ask what the sex of our child is. At first I didn't want to find out, because I thought it would be really sweet to find out the day that he/she was born. I get to experience everything first with this baby and I just figured it would be sweet to have Jon be able to tell me in the delivery room if we had welcomed a boy or girl into our family. But Jon really doesn't want to wait, so we won't wait. At my 18 week appointment last week Jon rushed down to be present, because Dr. Hall would do an ultrasound. Well, we go in and he puts the jelly stuff on my belly and then starts looking at the baby. What a difference a month can make!! I love seeing our little one grow! Well, he measured the baby's head and leg and then went to see if he could determine the sex, and, no joke, my belly button was in the way, so there was this HUGE shadow where we needed to look. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I just laughed! Liam was rather difficult too for a long time and so I shouldn't have thought that this child would be any different. Jon was quite disappointed, but I was actually quite humoured by the fact that we couldn't see because of my belly button. The baby's legs were wide open and had it been in a different location we would have been able to tell, but because of where it was we couldn't. My anatomy scan will be December 4th so we will be able to find out if it's a girl or a boy.
I am able to feel this little one kick! It's amazing! I didn't feel Liam til I was about 21ish weeks, so the fact that I've been able to feel this one so early is fascinating to me! I love laying down and feeling the tiny kicks. This morning I put Liam's hand where the kicks were and I don't think he liked it very much as he pulled his hand away pretty fast.
Overall, this pregnancy is going by so fast, and I feel like I'm missing half of it! I am 19 weeks today and I'm really almost half way done! Time seems to be flying by and the only thing that I am noticing lately is the fact that my belly is getting bigger, and I'm getting more and more tired! The simplest of things gets me winded nowadays. It's rather frustrating. Also, bending over is becoming slightly more difficult... I was at the school the other day putting tape down onto the floor so the kids would know not to cross it before going onstage and it was hard! My body didn't like it!

Well, that's really about all for right now. Alyn's and my show opens on Thursday! We are really excited! the kids have worked so hard and I know that I am really proud of them. There's still much for them to learn but they've come a long way! 

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