Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A post about Mr. Liam!

Liam is far too smart for his own good. He has been loving his new bedroom set! I think he really enjoys the freedom that he has in his room, yesterday I was cooking dinner and he was playing happily in his room. Then he discovered that he can shut the door and I won't come open it. It was really funny. I finally put the sheets and blankets on his bed, so his room is almost all the way done. The last change won't happen until after the new Mosher-ling makes their arrival and we need the crib for them. I love that Jon was able to get his bedroom set from his parents house, because along with it came his dinosaur blanket that Grandma Mosher made for Jon when he was young. I think it's so sweet to use things that mean a lot to us and were made for us.
Daddy and Mr. Liam!

Those teeth get me every time!! Love this little boy!

Then on Sunday, we were already running a bit late for church, and Liam hadn't really made much noise and so I figured that we could just hurry and get him up and head out to church once we finished getting ready. Well... the time came and I finally went into his room to wake him up and get him dressed and ready for church. The only thing I saw first was his hand, and it was black, then I noticed that he had a sharpie in his other hand and that, that hand too, was black. The realisation had hit about where the black marks had come from and so I quickly asked for him to hand me the sharpie. He handed it over and I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal because I could just wipe off most of his hands and then we could still make it to church. Then my eyes wandered down, and realised that there was much more that this little boy had coloured. Half of his leg from knee up was covered with black. At this point in time, I just laughed because what else is a 16 month old going to do with a sharpie? Thankfully, he hadn't coloured on the wall, that would not have been fun to clean up as he is now on the painted side of his room versus the carpeted side, I called Jon in to show him what his son had done and we had a good laugh. Then he noticed that his pillow and blanket had also been used as canvases.

He was quite pleased with himself! I hurried and looked up "what takes sharpie off of skin" and nail polish remover was the first thing that popped up, so I went and got my cotton balls and bottle of nail polish remover. Jon held on to him while I went to work, about two scrubs with a cotton ball was about all the cotton ball could handle, so I went through quite a few pieces of cotton. Liam sat still through most of it, which knowing him is not always the case, I had finally managed to fade it as much as I could and then I went and started the tub running so he could take a bath. He happily splashed in the water and then I got him out once his playing had started to subside and he started splashing water outside of the tub. I got him all dried off and then we went into his room to put on some clothes, after putting new clothes on him he started playing in his room. Since Jon and I had missed half of sacrament we decided to just hang out until it was time to go to classes, so he sat in Liam's rocking chair and I sat down on his new bed and we were throwing a ball back and forth to each other while Liam played. Liam found the cotton balls and brought the bag to me, I took one out and handed it to him and he proceeded to try and wipe his leg with the cotton ball. It was pretty cute to see him trying to do what I had been doing earlier. So I praised him and told him that he was very smart and that is what we were doing.

Another thing that anyone who knows Liam can attest to, is that this little boy doesn't sit still. Ever. He is always going and exploring and being curious and getting into absolutely everything! The other day, he came and sat down next to my mum and I on the couch, and he rested up against her, so naturally she started rubbing his belly. He decided that he really liked that, and kept trying to find a new comfortable position so that she could rub his belly.
Look how calm this kid is right now??

Then, as he was moving around, my mum positioned him so that she could scratch his back. At first, because he was really enjoying his belly being rubbed, he fought it- and then you could see in his little face, his realisation that back scratching is really nice too! So he happily laid down and allowed her to keep scratching his back. He then fell asleep! I love it when he sleeps! He just looks so peaceful!
And he's out. We were trying so hard to choke back laughter because of how much he was enjoying it.

Needless to say, I love our little boy! He brings so much happiness to all of us, and he always manages to make us laugh. He is so creative and loves to explore all around him! He is such a sweet kid who makes my whole day brighter! I love being his mommy, and I know that he is going to make such a fantastic big brother to his new little sibling!

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