Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Pregnancy Story and Liam Updates!

Alright, I'm trying to write down as much as I can about my experience with this pregnancy, as it has flown by pretty much and I haven't been able to document like I did with Liam. By the time that Liam was one, I already had three scrapbooks filled with pictures with a good two thirds of the first one just pregnancy photo's. I haven't really taken photo's of my pregnancy week by week with this one, and now all of a sudden I'm 35 weeks and had my first real labor scare tonight!

Baby Number 2's Pregnancy Story!
Jon and I were not trying to conceive when this little guy decided it was time. In fact, Jon and I were going to wait until Christmas to discuss having another baby within that year. But July came around and all of a sudden I was feeling really sick. And I mean- really sick. I am not one to throw up. It's just not my body's way of dealing with anything. I will pass out, I will feel ill, but rarely do I ever throw up. Within one week, I managed to throw up at least three or four times every day; and when I didn't have any food to throw up, I was throwing up stomach acid. It got so bad one day that I was vomiting blood. I was at my parents house so that my mum could take care of Liam and I seriously sat in their giant tub all day long to help ease the nausea. My mum and I didn't know what was wrong with me and finally she asked if I could be pregnant. At that point in time I was grasping to anything to explain what was wrong, so she went and got me a pregnancy test. The end of June/beginning of July was my LMP and this was now the week of Jon's birthday (12th of July), I took the test and waited for the allotted time and it came back negative. So with that out of the way, we began looking at different illnesses that could cause that severe of a reaction in my body. We noticed that it was when I had eaten particularly greasy foods, so I started researching into that and saw that gall bladder problems could cause a person to become violently ill. So, my mum and I went to the store on one of my good days and we bought a whole bunch of new foods that are supposed to be good for people who get gall bladder attacks. Then about a week after we had changed my diet, I woke up and just instinctively knew that I needed to take that other test. I remember waking up and thinking, "you need to test today" and in my head I told myself: NO! But I got up and tested, and I didn't even have to wait for the two minutes it tells you to. It automatically brought up that second line.
Getting in to see my doctor was more tricky this time around, he had an accident and so I didn't get in to see an OB until I was 10 weeks, we got an ultrasound to date how far along I was and there was our newest little baby! He looked like a little praying mantis, but a cute one! Then, my doctor finally was back in the office and so I got to go see him then! Then, the saddest day happened: my doctor told me at 22 weeks that he was retiring at the end of the year. So then the search for a new doctor happened. At 22 weeks I had the Anatomy Scan and we found out that we are adding our second BOY to the family, we also discovered that my fluid was low again with this pregnancy and so I was sent up to McKay Dee to meet with the Perinatal Specialist. I met with them and had the ultrasound done to check the fluid, then was told to come back at 32 weeks to do a follow up. Between this and my 32 week follow up I met with my new OB: Dr. Johnson. He is really sweet and I am really grateful that I was able to get in to be one of his patients. He is always very open and makes me feel like I am the most important patient that he has. He was very open about the choices that I wanted for my birthing experience, and was willing to listen to my experience with Liam's birth. At the my 32 week follow up, the ultrasound tech turned on 4D "just for fun". It was amazing! We were able to see features on this little baby, it was phenomenal to see him. And we determined that my fluid was up to 17.5! At my last appointment it was at a 15 but I'm still in the ok zone!
Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant, and it's surreal to think that this little guy will be making his debut in about a month. Last night, I was having some real painful contractions, and not just the Braxton Hicks that I've been used to. These were not fun, after resting on the couch for a bit, I got up and I went up and took a shower and they subsided a bit. Jon brought me Tylenol PM and I was able to sleep. This morning I woke up and I was very sore, everywhere. It felt like I had done some intense workout all night long, and I was in some major pain! This little baby needs to stay put for at least another five weeks. It was good practice though.

Liam is so stinkin adorable! I love my little man so much, that's one thing that I'm terrified for for when I have this new baby, is the time alone that I have with Liam right now. Right now, we are able to do so much together, and I hope that he doesn't grow up to resent not having me 100%. I want to do the absolute best that I can, and I am having serious fears about not being a good mom to two children. I've heard so many people say that your love never diminishes for your previous children, but I really am terrified about how to split up my attention so that Liam and Baby 2 will have more than they need. I honestly don't know how mothers who have more than one or two children do it! I feel so guilty already and Baby 2 isn't even here yet.
Liam loves to sit up on the counter with me while I bake! I've been in lots of baking moods lately, and so he will sit up at the counter and help me pour in sugar or flour, and I will give him his own little bowl and spoon so that he can stir. He really loves it! The other day, I was baking cookies, and I realised that I did not have chips to put into the cookies, so Jon ran off to the store; when he got back I put the chips into the batter and then gave Liam a couple to eat. Well, Jon took some out of the bag and put them on the table and closed up the bag and told Liam that these were theirs to share. Liam saw Jon ate one, and then realized that there were not going to be more after they were gone, so he took one chip and put it behind him and then ate a chip. Then he did it again, and Jon and I noticed and Jon said, "are you stock-piling?" We thought that was pretty funny of him to notice that there weren't going to be more and so he put them in his own little pile. Then the other day, I was making apple cake, and I had to check the cake in the oven. Well, I told Liam that he needed to stay out of the kitchen so that I could open the oven and check the cake. He was not ok with this and so I put him out of the kitchen and he threw one of his tantrums and then made sure that he put at least one foot over the threshold to the kitchen. He's such a stinker! He definitely loves to push boundaries and to see how far he's actually allowed to go.

Making sure his foot was over the line!

He loves to sit and to read his books!

Liam also has had a huge change in his life! I was trimming his hair one night and he moved right as I snipped the scissors-which left a huge gap of hair. So, much to Jon's happiness, I knew that I couldn't just leave it like that, so we got out the clippers and cut off quite a bit of Liam's hair. He didn't like the sound of the clippers at first so I had to let him hold it and put the guard on his hand to show him that it wouldn't hurt, and then finally he allowed me to cut his hair. It was such a hard moment for me, to see all of his gorgeous locks of hair falling to the ground. It was a lot shorter than I originally had anticipated, but he looks adorable, and he most definitely is my little toddler now. I was holding onto his infancy with his hair, but he's not a baby anymore, that is for sure!
His pretty, long hair...

His new hair: Cut and Styled!
Wow... What a difference! He looks even older now than when his hair was long.

That's our latest updates as of right now. We are doing really well, and I am getting anxious for this next month when our world/life will be changed again!

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  1. Yay for babies! Such an exciting time. And Liam is SO SO big. We should get together sometime. :) I hope the next month goes great for you!