Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fluid is Up!

Um... where has half of February gone to? So much has happened that I don't even know where to start!

I'll separate everything into sections! That seems much easier!

We started second semester at the school, which meant that we were starting Musical Theatre and the audition process for Aladdin. We started working on the audition song the first day of class and then the next class period Kallee taught them the dance. We did the solo auditions after school that day, and there were some kids that truly surprised us. I love it when kids truly shine! We had callbacks and then we cast the show. I am really happy with how our cast turned out. We have had a slight drawback because our Jafar's father got a new job in a different state and so he is going to be moving about three weeks before the show opens. So we've had to switch some kids around, but part of being in theatre is being able to improvise and create something magical and that's just what we are doing.
Alyn, Jon and I took a road trip to Orem to pick up the Cave of Wonders set piece. We had a blast! Stopped at the Maverik and drove to Orem, got the set loaded into the truck and tied down and then while driving back had to stop to re tie the set down because coming back around the Point of the Mountain was extremely windy! But the set looks awesome and I am so excited!

Jon is doing really well! He got another perfect score in his Calculus Exam! He is working really hard and I am so proud of him!

Liam has a mouth full of teeth now! After fretting a little bit about his teeth not coming in, they all came very fast!! He is also starting to talk, which is amazing to me, his little voice is adorable. Lately, he'll point at everything and say, "what's that?" and then when we answer he'll say, "ooh" with a little lilt. So cute. He is sleeping really well in his twin bed and he sleeps all night long. He has started doing something that I'm not too thrilled about, and that is throwing tantrums and pushing his limits. Every time I tell him no or ask him not to do something he will immediately burst into tears and throw a fit, he is so dramatic! My brother so kindly let me know that that was my fault, ha, which he is probably right. Liam is also into pushing his limits. The other day he taught me quite a lesson: he was playing with the humidifier and I asked him not to play with it anymore, he proceeded to shout at me and got a little more resilient. I, again, told him no and he then pushed the humidifier off of the table it was on and it broke and water went all over the carpet. I lost my temper and yelled at him and spanked him then put him in his room. He went to sleep almost as soon as I put him in his bed. I then went into my room and I began to just cry; He's only 19 months old and his behaviour really is a phase that he's going through. I just seemed to forget about that at the moment. When he woke up about an hour later I heard him get up and play in his room for a little bit. So I went to his door and knocked on it, and he came and opened his door for me and as soon as he saw me he threw open his door and wrapped his little arms around my legs and patted me as if to say that everything was ok. This little act pushed me to tears again because it's amazing to see how the smallest member of my household teaches me the greatest lessons. That night I prayed so hard that God would grant me more patience, and I feel like I've been blessed greatly just in the past week.

February 3, I had a follow up appointment at McKay Dee Hospital to check my amniotic fluid. I showed up and the tech took me in and started the Ultrasound. She was going through the body parts of his that we could see and then she turned on 4D "just for fun". It was AMAZING! Ultrasounds themselves are pretty amazing but to see the little face of the baby growing inside of me with such clarity was phenomenal! He looks identical to Liam! It's pretty cool to have an idea of what he will look like! She checked my fluid and it's gone up to a 17.5! Which is right in the middle of where they want it to be. I was so excited. The baby is also measuring two days ahead and he is weighing about 4 pounds. Of course those are just estimates because he'll come when he is ready and weight measurements can be up to a pound or two off in either direction. Either way, everything is looking really good with him and me and we are having a really healthy pregnancy. We have about seven weeks left until he is estimated to make his arrival, and even though it's just that, an estimate, it's still coming up pretty fast! I can't believe that we are going to be having our second son in two months! I went to the mall today to go to Motherhood Maternity to look at nursing bras. They have a sale going on to buy 3 get the 4th free; I was fully ready to spend the money on good quality nursing bras until the sales associate got bratty with me. I had some questions and she acted as though it was such a burden to answer my questions, so then at the end when she asked which ones I wanted I just told her that I wasn't prepared to buy anything today and that I just wanted to see their selection. She seemed even more upset that she had "wasted" her time on someone who wouldn't be purchasing anything, but I was really annoyed by her attitude! After that I went to JC Penney, and even though Baby 2 will be using all of Liam's clothing I saw an adorable outfit that was only $11 so I bought it as this baby's coming home outfit. I am starting to get really excited about having a new baby. I'm excited to complete our family!

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