Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today was Jon's and my first day of classes! We went to bed relatively early last night (well, I guess I should say earlier than we usually went to sleep) and my alarm went off this morning at 6. And I heard it and knew I wasn't getting up, so I put it on snooze... and then it went off a couple more times... and then finally at about 6:30 I got up and did my hair and got ready. Jon got up about ten minutes after I did and then we left for school. Our first class is at 8 and so we decided to leave at 7 because we didn't know what traffic would be like getting down there. And we got down there with like a half hour left before classes. And I have to say that as much as I hate getting up early I definitely enjoy having our pick of parking! We went to our first class which is History, and I have to admit I was a little nervous because I'd heard that our History Teacher was a little boring, but I actually really enjoyed talking to him. He was really nice, obviously I haven't had an actual lesson/lecture from him, but everyday speaking he seems cool. After that we went to our Psychology class, and it was interesting. We had to do this activity, and she said "Pair up with someone you don't know." and then the next thing you know everyone had already paired up and so Jon and I were left with each other, which obviously we don't have a problem with but we do know each other quite well. Anyway, we ended up getting a third party to our little group and so it was ok. After class, we went to our next class which is Communications, and our teacher is really funny. I really like her a lot! She was reading the role and she got to my name and called "Brittney Mosher" and I said here and then she read, "Jon Mosher" and then she looked up and asked if we were related and we told her we were married, and she got very excited and was like, "OH! That's wonderful! You'll really use this for your marriage!" It was funny. Then after, Jon and I parted ways and went to our one class that is different. I went to Sociology and Jon went to his Computer Class. We both had fun in our classes, my teacher is originally from New York and used to work Social Work cases on the families in Harlem and such. It was really interesting listening to her experiences, especially since Social Work is what I'm trying to go in to. I want to help kids out of hard/bad situations, and I want to be able to counsel families in putting their lives back together. On Friday, Jon and I will go to a Friday Forum Institute Class and then on Monday's we will go to our Film and Culture Class. Overall, I'm excited to do this, especially with Jon.

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