Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nun Fun is Done...

Ok, so Monday was our very last performance of Nunsense. And what a joy ride that was!! There were so many things that happened that we really had no control over and because of the atmosphere of the show, we really could do whatever we wanted about whatever went wrong. There was one scene when Heather as Sister Leo went to answer the phone and the cord just came right out, I couldn't help but laugh! And I figured if something like that happened my character would laugh anyway. Another moment that was funny was in the middle of Alyn and Kathy's number, Kathy swallowed a bug! There were so many gnats everywhere it was ridiculous. So not only did we have to deal with the huge A june bugs but we had to deal with these nasty gnats! Kathy and Alyn ended up stopping the song because they couldn't keep going with Kathy just swallowing a bug. And then they picked up again, and the last thing on my mind right now is when we were doing the kitchen scene and a june bug landed right on my hands. These bugs kamakazi down onto the set and all we can do is step and kick them! It's awful, and so I couldn't help but scream when it landed on me! Apart from all of the funny things that happened, there were a bunch of mishaps, and also a bunch of tender moments.
I've learned a lot from this show actually. More than I thought I would. One of the biggest things that I learned was you really don't know what is going on in someones life to make them do the things they do. One of the nights before the show opened, our director was someone short with me, which he apologized for later, and at the time it hurt my feelings and made me really not want to do this anymore. I came home and just cried to Jon for a couple hours but then I thought better of it and realized that he was just really stressed because we were so close to opening and he'd been busy. It wasn't until later that I found out that he was in the middle of making a huge decision that would impact his career, his future and his family in uprooting them from here in Utah with their families so close to moving himself, his wife and his baby to Louisiana to accept a job at one of the University's. I'm going to miss them dearly as Kathy, his wife, was one of my Nun Sisters and I've worked with Andrew on multiple occasions and he's given me multiple opportunities to expand my talents.

Another thing that I have learned was that you don't leave when you still are on the job. Our set designer, who used to be one of my dearest friends, really disappointed me this time. And I'm not saying that he's never disappointed me but this one, I think, hurt the worse. All the other times it's been me that he's hurt but this time it was our entire cast. Being our set designer he built our entire set, but then on Friday he left for Disneyland. Now, the fact that he left for Disneyland isn't the issue. The issue is that he left for Disneyland when we weren't done until Monday and we still had to strike the set. And then from Sunday to Monday there was a terrible windstorm that blew down one of our walls, and it was bad. And when we probably needed him the most to be there to help fix what happened, he wasn't there. And I just think that that is so sad, because I've known him for several years, and at one point in time we were best friends and he used to be so much more responsible than that. But because he is so good at what he does he's let it go to his head. If it had been me that he'd hurt it wouldn't be as big of a deal but the fact that he hurt the entire cast is what hurts me the most and the fact that he got paid for this. Jon was there every night and did more in setting up and fixing the wall that broke and striking and just being there to support and do whatever needed to be done all because he loves me. It just kinda makes me sad to think that our set designer essentially got paid to go to Disneyland, and my husband got nothing except his name in a program for all the work he did. Anyway, mox nix.

Today was a really fun night for Jon and I! I got a text on Monday night from Jon saying, "Sweety, I am so so so so sorry" and so I called him and asked what had happened, thinking that it was gonna be something horrible and he just said, "I meant to get you flowers after work but then I came to help fix the wall and then I forgot about them." And I couldn't help but laugh, as much as it is a sweet gesture to get me flowers I told him that he really didn't need to and that it was ok. He still felt bad and promised me a "night on the town". Which is what tonight was! We doubled with Nate and the girl he's dating, Heather, and we went to Mongolian Grill which was fantastic like usual and then we went to the pet stores and looked at kitties!! (I love kitties and am aspiring to be a crazy cat lady for anyone who wants to know!) Then we bought a new toy for my baby, Pantomime and then we came home and played with her. She was really weary of it at first and then she warmed up to it and now she LOVES it!! Afterwhich we went to see Captain America! And I have to say, if you have not seen this movie, go and see it! It was so good!! And I loved it, there were a bunch of awesome one liners in there that really made Jon and I laugh! We really enjoyed it. All in all, today was an awesome day and I am more in love with my sweetie that I was before... if that is at all possible!? He is so amazing and so incredible, and I have never been loved so much as I have by him. He is the perfect man for me and I am so grateful that he is mine!

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