Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tweety Bird and Batman!

Wow! Where has this week gone? I swear it was just the other day that Jon and I were driving in the car the blew up and then I cut off all my hair!
So, a ton has happened this week and I will try my hardest to keep it short!
SUNDAY- July 31, 2011
This was the day that my dear dear friend has his farewell talk! Tyler O'bagy has been one of my dearest friends since Jr. High! He was just a 'little' seventh grader when I was in my Freshman year. I was a TA for Mr. Dallinga, the science teacher, and Tyler and a whole bunch of other sevies would come in and spend their lunch hour with me. Tyler also was a part of Drama Club and actually played my boyfriend in "Bye, Bye Birdie" when I played Kim MacAfee and he played Hugo Peabody! I hadn't seen much of Tyler since graduating but when I saw that he has received his mission call and had sent out an invite to his farewell, I told Jon that he didn't have a choice and that we were going to listen to him speak! He did an awesome job and I was crying by the end of his message. He was called to the Scotland/Ireland mission and I know that he will be an amazing missionary to the people of my motherland.
MONDAY- August 1, 2011
We played with Scot all day, which was way fun! Scot is my nephew but because his parents are divorced and both work he stays with us during the day, and so he's grown up like he was my little brother. He is such a sweet kid and I love him so much! And we really should play with him more often, you see, Scot has high functioning autism, and so sometimes he can be annoying because he doesn't know when to stop. He is a bright, happy kid who is very intelligent but socially he's not on the same level as kids his age. And because he is different there are a lot of kids who don't like him and won't play with him. And so he gets lonely, which is why Jon and I try really hard to play with him a lot. He LOVES Jon! So much, and he loves watching him play video games and is always telling Jon random tid bits of info from different games.
TUESDAY- August 2, 2011
Jon and I got our acceptance letters to SLCC, we decided that we are going to finish out our generals there and then move onto a university. We are so so so excited to go to school together and help each other out. We are really looking forward to starting school on August 24!
WEDNESDAY - August 3, 2011
We went to the Salt Lake Temple, it was a really good session, even though it was freakishly huge and I had to sit in the back! I hate hate hate sitting in the back of anything, and it all stems back to fifth grade when I didn't know I needed glasses, and Mrs. Shepherd would write questions on the board; well, I couldn't see the writing and so I would just copy the questions from Andy Muglestons paper and then answer them myself. And then I got in trouble until I told her I couldn't see the board and then I had to go to the eye doctor and get glasses. Anyway, after the temple we went to SLCC to take our Accuplacer. And then after that was over, we were on our way home and Jon stopped at the Hostess Store in Layton. Now, for any of you who know me really well, you will know that bread makes me so happy. I LOVE BREAD!!! I shouldn't, but I do. And we walked into this heavenly mecca that I hadn't even the foggiest idea was there and the smell of bread just wafted over us and I knew that this was my newly found happy place. First is the nail salon and now second is the bread store!
THURSDAY- August 4, 2011
Jon and I registered for our classes!! We are taking 16 credit hours and we have four classes together and one not. We are taking history, psychology, sociology, and a movie analysis class together and then I have a communications class and he has a computer tech class. We will be taking classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will start classes at 8 in the morning (heaven help me) and then Monday we'll stay til five for our movie analysis class and then Wednesday and Friday we will be done by noon. We are very excited!
Just like every night for the past week we had rehearsal, but this night was one of note because the lightning got so bad that we had to stop rehearsal! It was very frightening. I've never seen lightning bolts that huge or that close to me before and we counted in between the lightning and the thunder and it got to about 3 seconds, and according to all of my science classes means that the lightning was about 3 miles away. Scary right!? So that was terrifying!
FRIDAY- August 5, 2011
Friday we went to campus and turned in all of our financial aid forms and I went and talked to VA peeps. And then we came home and then went to rehearsal.
SATURDAY- August 6, 2011
Jon had to open that morning and so I just cleaned in the morning until Jon got home and then we went over to his parents house. Over Memorial Day weekend his parents basement flooded, and so we went over so that Jon could help Rod move some things out of the basement that way they could have someone come over and put the carpet back down. After we were done there we went to rehearsal, and what a FUN rehearsal it was! We had costumes, a full band and almost a full set! It was so much fun to have our costumes and see how we'll feel in them and then also to have our full band! We had such a great time!

Now for today!
Yesterday, I managed to get three mosquito bites on my wedding ring finger. My finger swelled to double it's normal size. I was getting really nervous that I wouldn't be able to get my ring off and that my finger would keep swelling and that I'd have to get my rings cut off! And so I took two benadryl and went to sleep. But by the time that it was time to wake up for church I was not about to! I adamantly told Jon no a couple times before he gave up trying to wake me. Then finally he pursuaded me and we got ready for church. I let him teach the lesson in church and then all of our kids went to YM and YW and so we decided to go home where I promptly took another nap. Then we got up for dinner and then after dinner proceeded to clean up the basement because the Little Sisters of Hoboken were coming over for a photo shoot! And what a fun time we had!! We have pictures of the mustang, the T-Bird, Sister Julia (child of God) in the kitchen, the nuns around the pool and every holiday that you can imagine! I'm only going to put one or two up and everyone should come see the show that opens this Thursday and runs, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday! It's at the Clearfield Amphitheatre (right next to the Clearfield Library) and it starts at 7: 30! Although I should probably warn you that it is a bit blasphemous and that you need to come with an open mind and not come in the mind of getting offended. OK? OK!From left to right we have Kathy Lewis as Sister Hubert, Alyn Bone as Mother Superior Mary Regina, Me as Sister Amnesia, Andra Thorne as Sister Robert Anne and Heather Lewis as Sister Mary Leo.

P.S. The ice cream truck came by today and Jon, Nate and I are total sinners and went out to buy an ice cream! And the little boy in the front taking the orders was so funny! While his dad was getting the ice cream for us I asked him if he was having fun and he looked at me with the most intense face and said, "No. Not at All!" It made me laugh! YAY for child labour! ;) I got a Tweety Bird Ice Cream with the blue gumball eyes and Jon got the Batman Ice Cream! It was pretty legit. Except for my ice cream eyes were way out of it!!

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