Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Low Fluid? What else is new?

I am feeling very blessed today.

On Wednesday, I had my anatomy scan to go through and check all of the baby's parts and make sure that it was developing the way it should be. We went through and saw that the baby had two kidneys, a four chamber heart, and two sides of the brain. As well as two arms and hands and two legs and feet. Everything was looking great for the growth of the baby... except one thing. My amniotic fluid was low. Now with Liam, I had this problem too; I guess my body just doesn't like to produce enough amniotic fluid. So, like with my pregnancy with Liam- I was sent up to McKay Dee Hospital to meet the perinatal specialist. I was diagnosed with oligohydramnios, or in common terms: low amniotic fluid. They didn't have an appointment open until yesterday morning at 10:30 am, and so they got me in as soon as they could. I was a little stressed out because my mother had jury duty and wouldn't be able to watch Liam, I thought Jon had work, and Sheri was busy til after 11 and I couldn't get a hold of anyone in my ward. I was telling Jon how stressed out I was becoming and he said that he didn't have work until much later in the day. I was so relieved! Now, all I had to worry about was bringing up my amniotic fluid. I read article after article online, which was probably both a bad and good thing because there were some people who had said that the mother needs to drink lots of water and stay hydrated- which I felt like I had been doing a pretty good job of, but I think I drank my whole body weight in water on Wednesday.
Thursday, I woke up and started to feel anxious all over again. I didn't want anything to be wrong with my baby. When I was pregnant with Liam, I had someone to go to the hospital with me so that I wouldn't be alone, this time I was all alone. Thankfully, I've done this before, so I knew more of what would happen. Knowledge is power. I made the drive up to McKay Dee and parked and then made my trek up to the fourth floor. So many memories flooded my mind as I walked to where the maternal fetal medicine section was. I passed where I was kept during recovery, and further down the hallway, I passed the window of the room that I labored in for 38 hours-part of me is wanting to request that same room when I give birth to this baby, and then I passed the doors of the NICU. I almost started crying as I thought of all the moments in there. I remembered making the trek to the NICU all by myself about a day after giving birth; I wanted to go see Liam, and Jon was asleep on the couch in our room, so I figured I could walk to the NICU by myself. What a stupid idea that was! I had lost so much blood during delivery and had been so weak from laboring and delivery that I really should have waited for Jon to wake up. I had to make several stops along the way, as the length to the NICU from my recovery room was a lot farther than I had originally assumed in my brain.
I got to maternal fetal medicine and checked in. I went back and they ran another ultrasound for me and checked the fluid levels. It was lower than normal and the baby's kidneys were holding on to extra fluid and so they were suspecting that there might be a blockage. I was scheduled for a follow up at 32 weeks to check levels again and the baby's kidneys to make sure that it has regulated itself. So, back to the hospital I go in February.... yay....
I am glad that everything, even though it isn't exactly what I would hope for, is ok. I'm glad that my baby is active and moving and that I can feel the movements! I am terrified and excited to be a mom of two. I am thankful that my life has gone in this direction, and I am so glad that I have my awesome husband by my side. He's pretty amazing!

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