Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Posts!

Such a busy week!

Since getting married, Christmas has become the most stressful time of the year. Not the events leading up to it, but the 24th and 25th are super stressful because of how much family that we have. Coming from a family where we spent the whole day with one another, all of a sudden having four families to please was dropped on me. We've gotten into a pretty good system though that I have been pleased with, that doesn't completely overwhelm Liam. Christmas Eve Morning we have breakfast with Jon's mother, then that night we have the Christmas Eve party with the Mosher Family- usually at Grandma and Grandpa Mosher's house, but this year it was at Pam and Mike's house; then we go to Rod and Sheri's and open up our jammies. Jon, Liam and I went home after that and then put Liam to bed, then Christmas Morning, Liam slept in! It was a wonderful Christmas Present! We opened up our stockings and presents and then we went over to Rod and Sheri's house for Christmas Morning breakfast. Liam was showered with presents over there too, and he happily played and jumped around and ran as fast as he could. Then it was time to go over to my parents house, so we packed up the toys and presents and we went to my parents house. We opened up presents and then waited patiently for dinner to be prepared; Liam promptly went down for an almost 5 hour nap, the kid was really stimulated and finally crashed. We had our traditional roast beef with yorkshire pudding, and it was delicious! After dinner we talked and then Jon and I went to see Frozen while mum watched Liam. Jon and I really enjoyed the show and I am excited to see it again!
The new baby is doing really well! I had my appointment today with my new OB: Dr. Johnson. He is really nice, and I feel completely comfortable with him. I still miss Dr. Hall, but what can ya do? I am grateful that I was able to find someone that I feel will do as good of a job as Dr. Hall. He did an ultrasound today to check the baby's kidneys and thankfully, he said that they look really good! Also, my fluid is up! Prayers work wonders. Not a day goes by that I haven't prayed for the safety of this baby and for my fluid to be at a level that will help the baby grow healthily. I also had to do my gestational diabetes screening this morning. I dislike that glucose drink, that stuff is nasty! I chugged that sugary syrup down as fast as I could and promptly had to stop myself from vomiting it all up. Thank goodness this is my last baby, so that's the last time I'll have to drink that stuff. Then I drove to my appointment and got my blood drawn.

Liam had a bout of sickness over the weekend. The poor little kid was so sick! Saturday night his fever was so high that heat was just radiating off of his body. We decided to have him sleep in his diaper that night in hopes that he wouldn't overheat. Sunday Morning came and his head was still really hot, but his body had cooled off considerably. My poor baby, it's no fun having a sick child, but the only perk that we have was that he wanted to snuggle more. His teeth were hurting, because he has his bottom molars coming in, and his incisors. But later Sunday night, he was so much better and he was no longer running a fever at all. Liam has recently loved taking out his blocks and putting them back in to the box that they come in. He's become quite the happy helper! He also has learned how to use that smile of his to his advantage. Today, he came over and grabbed something that he wasn't supposed to and so Jon and I both said no at the same time- what does Liam do? Continue to do what he's doing, only smiling that cheesy smile of his. How can you get mad at that smile? You can't. And he knows that. And he loves the power.

intermission: Hey this is Jon, I just wanna say that my wife is an amazing women, and I love her very much. It brings me the utmost joy to be sitting here with here, binging on 24, that I ever thought was conceivable. Thanks sweety pie!! I love you, and back to Brittney....

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