Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, October 21, 2011

How we do Midterms!

Well, opening night was really awesome!! My cast and crew did an amazing job, and I am so proud of them! This really has been an interesting opportunity, one that I didn't think that I would have so soon in my life. But I have had such a fun time! And I'm so glad that it isn't over quite yet. Today, Jon and I had midterms... yay... not! We had our history midterm this morning which was essay based and then we had our psychology midterm which was 50 multiple choice questions. I felt pretty confidant on both, a little less in psychology just because of all the frustration that class has been for the past month and a half. But yesterday, I was playing with Pantomime like I always do, and she started biting at my arm, and she was starting to get a little aggressive. So it ended up that in my trying to stop her my right hand middle finger managed to get in her mouth and she bit down HARD! Now usually when she bites it's just with her front teeth and they are so itty bitty that it hurts but not bad, and it looks like a scratch and it barely bleeds, well my finger managed to get to her back teeth and so it hurt really bad, I pushed her off of me and just held onto my finger, and then a couple seconds later I opened the fist and it was just filling up with blood, so I held onto my finger tighter and ran to the laundry room where all of our bandaids are and I ran downstairs to the sink, meanwhile throwing the bandaid to Jon and telling him to open one for me, I then put my finger underneath running cold water and washed it really quick and then I dried it off and Jon put on a bandaid, and frankly, I need to teach my dear, sweet husband how to put on a bandaid, because I don't like how he did it. Needless to say, my finger throbbed and was in pain for the rest of the day, and Pantomime was put in her kennel. But my cat is so smart that she knows where the latch is that opens the kennel... but fortunately for me she doesn't have opposable thumbs and so she can't undo it by herself.

This morning I knew that I was going to have trouble writing for my History Midterm and so I went upstairs before school and I redressed my finger to make it more comfortable for me, because at the time even applying the tiniest bit of pressure would cause dyer pain in my one little digit. And part of the bite is right where I lay my pencil or pen to write, and so I took off the bandaid for the first time since putting it on, and looked at it, and the way it looked was not nearly as bad as if felt. And I started to feel like a baby... she bit through my nail, which is what caused all the blood and the other fleshy part of my finger has a puncture wound in it, but it looked though it was already healing up. Still hurt like no other though... and so I put gauze on it and then surgical tape and even though it is completely unnecessary, it really did help to alleviate pressure whilst I was writing. And right now I'm thinking that I should have brought a bandaid so that I could change it before finishing up classes because it really does look ridiculous.

Also something that happened yesterday that I thought was super cute, was Jon had been studying for our History test this morning and he was so tired and he fell asleep. I thought it was pretty sweet. So like a good wife, I took pictures. :)

See... it looks completely ridiculous... but it helped that I didn't have to put so much pressure on it for my test...

Jon asleep studying for his midterm. :) He's so cute!!

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