Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Time Flies for Two Reasons: Fun and Busy-ness!

Wow... time goes by so fast when you are having fun! Or are incredibly busy as Jon and I have been! With everything that Jon and I are up to there has been no time for me to blog about our busy life! Complete Works of Shakespeare is almost upon us, we open two weeks from yesterday (by the way, if you want to come to it, you should probably be getting your tickets like.... a week ago, because tickets go really really fast!). Anyway, yesterday Jon and I went and got a lot of the props and such for the show and we also went and got paint so that we can start making our set look just right! Jon and I were at the Theatre all day, but it didn't even feel like it. We had music going, we were talking and working hard and at the end of the work time and right before rehearsal, we had transformed our bare, little stage into the first makings of a real set! Jon built walls that were really sturdy, and will not move! And I painted on books, and wrote some of Shakespeare's Title of Work on the books. And they turned out pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! All that time I spent with Alyn has really paid off, and the entire time I just kept thinking, "how would Alyn do this?" and I was able to recall all the things that we had done in her class and also with her shows. Then we had rehearsal, and all I can say is that my cast is amazing!! Richie wasn't able to be there because he was in Cedar City for Shakespeare Comp with the CHS kids, but it was Act 1 Memorization Pass off and Emilie and Anthony did a fantastic job! It was a little rough but I don't blame them at all for it, it really is hard to do a part when the other member of your little group isn't there. But we are hoping the best for Richie and for the Advanced Theatre class at Shakespeare Comp! Another thing that is coming up is Connor's baptism tomorrow! Connor's birthday was a day after the baptism day in September and so he had to wait a whole month to get baptized and even then he had to wait an extra week because of General Conference! But we are excited for him to be baptized tomorrow, and Jon and I are even taking Frog Eye Salad as per request from the little guy. After the baptism and everything, Jon and I are heading back to the City Theatre to paint the rest of the set. It really isn't a whole lot but I'm excited to do it! Next post I'll put pictures up for sure! I promise!! there hasn't been pictures for a long time and I am apologizing for that! So next time there will be pictures.

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