Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Baby!


I'm not having a baby... you silly people

If anyone knows me they know that I have two creatures in my life that I love: My dear dear husband who is the love of my life!! And.... my cat. It's true. My cat is the cutest, most adorable creature in my life. She is my baby and I love her. In fact, when Jon dies when we are in our nineties I'm totally taking his life insurance money and I am adopting a bunch of cats! No joke. I will be the crazy cat lady when I am old! I am going to sit on my porch and drink lemonade with all my cats around me and when kids throw their balls (if kids even play outside then...) they won't be able to come get them and I want my house to be the "scariest" house on the block and yet, when Halloween comes around I am going to give out the best candy (if kids even go trick or treating then...) and then I am really going to be the nicest little old lady ever but only the bravest kids will know that. :)
Anyway I digress... this post is about my cat! Pantomime is my baby, and we have had her for a whole year now!! She was four months old when we adopted her from the shelter. We were originally just going to foster her as she is a pure black cat, like imagine a witch's cat on all the commercialized Halloween cards and such and that is Pantomime, anyway, Halloween was approaching and so we didn't want her to get adopted just for Satanic rituals to be done on her for Halloween, but by the time we were done with our foster period, we just couldn't let her go. She managed to wriggle her way into my heart and I knew that she was supposed to be mine forever. She was four months old when we got her but I've decided that we are going to celebrate her coming into our home. She was so little, she looked like a little black puffball with a super long tail. Her tail was probably two times the size of her little body. When we first got her she would hide in the very back corner of a box under my bed. She was so nervous when we first brought her home, but in time she got more used to being with us. At night she would sleep with me and she would sleep in the crook of my arm or she would sleep on my neck, and when she got a little bit bigger we had to stop that tradition because she was too heavy and it would pretty much suffocate me. She was a very animated cat, right from the beginning, and she would play fetch with me, and she would bring me her string so that I would play with her and that is still something that she will do. Another thing that she enjoys doing is tormenting the cat upstairs; when I was about three I brought home this white kitten with one green eye and one brown eye and we named her Daisey, well here we are 18 years later and Daisey is still alive and still a somewhat active cat. Before Pantomime she ruled the roost, and then Pantomime came along. Image Garfield and Nermal... yeah, that is Daisey and Pantomime to a T. Daisey is old and doesn't want anything to do with Pantomime but she just wants to play. Pantomime does this really cute thing where right before they fight she'll extend her paw out and not touch Daisey but get really close and you can totally almost hear, "I'm not touching you..." yeah... super cute! But one of the first times Daisey and Pantomime interacted was when Pantomime was still a little fluff ball and she was puffing herself up trying to make herself look bigger than Daisey and Daisey finally just got annoyed enough and just whapped her and Pantomime flew across the room. I was so shocked at how easily Daisey managed to toss her. Pantomime is also not the most graceful cat, she falls off of every ledge she sits on, she falls backward and a lot of the time she doesn't land on her feet. There was one time she was on the window ledge and fell backward, hit her head on the side table (hard enough for it to physically move) and landed on the ground. I hurried and picked her up and held her for a minute but after that she was moving funny and walking really lopsided like... and I'm pretty sure that she had a concussion. Anyway, my cat really is a cutie and I love her so much! And I am so grateful that we decided to take her home a year ago, she is such a cherished member of our family and I wouldn't have it any other way and I really can't imagine life without her. She brings so much happiness to us and she brings us a ton of laughs! She has such a huge personality that really shines through, and she is the smartest, most intelligent cat out there. LOVE HER!

The top two are Pantomime in our laundry basket and then her asleep on my legs in the morning. This is an everyday occurrence and if I attempt to move she has no problem clawing my legs to tell me to stay put!

These two pictures are one of Pantomime trying to get my attention whilst I was in the computer room. When I first got her I was writing a paper and every time I hit the space bar she did too, and I didn't realize til after my paper was finished that I had all these extra spaces everywhere! The second picture is of her in "her bed" mind you everywhere that she decides to sleep is her bed so whatevs. This is her in the LoveSac that she has claimed and if other people sit in it she wants them to promptly get out.

This video is right after Jon and I had watched Cats on the Ovation Channel and couldn't get one of the songs out of our heads! And I'm pretty sure that the entire time we were doing this, Pantomime was not too thrilled. She's a smart cat and whenever she would hear us humming that song she would run and hide!

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