Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week of School

Well, Jon's and my first week of school is officially over! And what a week this has been! Wednesday morning came way too fast. I was not ready to leave my baby! But my mother got to my house and then it was time for me to kiss my baby and say goodbye. I almost started crying. It was SOO hard! I'd just spent the last month and a half getting used to being a mommy and then all of a sudden I had to leave him. The houone thing that made me feel better was the fact that he was being taken care of by my mother and I didn't have to send him to a daycare centre. I am so incredibly grateful to have such an amazing mother who is willing to take care of my baby. I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of him while I was away.
School was pretty fun actually. I have three social work classes, and anthropology class, a pilates class, and a psychology class. Jon has a history class, a world religions class, a Portuguese class and a bowling class. Monday's and Wednesday's he is at school from 10 to about 8 and then Tuesdays and Thursdays he has court that he's there for a long time. So I'm pretty sure that I won't be seeing much of Jon for the semester. I only have class from 10-3 most days sometimes til four. So even though I have class everyday, I don't have it forever so I can be with my baby!
So a couple weeks ago, Jon went to the dentist! I forced him to go and he got the most severe cavities filled, well the dentist told him to watch for pain because the ones he filled were the ones that were at risk for root canals. Well, Jon started having pain and so I immediately called the place that got my root canal done, and we got him in for Friday morning at 7 am! It was so freakishly early! But after mum came to pick up Liam, we left and Jon got all fixed up and then there was no more pain!! Then I went to class and then went to my mother's house to pick up Liam and we took Pantomime to the groomers. Her hair was so long that it was starting to mat, and she got a huge knot in her hair the other day that Rachel had to cut out. So it was time for the groomers. And Pantomime got shaved. I brought her back from the groomers and when she walked out of her kennel, Jon and I couldn't help but laugh! she was naked!! It was so funny! Her head is still poofy and her body is shaved. Her paws are still furry and she has a little ball the tip of her tail! She's so funny, as soon as she came back from the groomers, she immediately went from her kennel into hiding.

Things are going so well with Liam, we are having such a blast with him! He has grown so much in just two months! We had an appt the other day and he was 9 lbs 2 oz! He is just growing so well!! I can't believe that some women have babies that are his size already! CRAZY!! I am totally ok with my little 7 lb 3 oz child. But now he's growing. He is cooing and smiling so much every day! And he's being quite the little conversationalist! He's going to be such a ladies man when he grows up!!

His smile while trying to fight taking his nap!



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