Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

Uh... is it really already September?

I've noticed that time seems to go by so quickly, I mean it seems as though it was just the other day that I was being induced and then bringing home my baby, and yet here he is, two months old! He is growing and getting stronger every day, and he is so attentive and is keeping us very entertained. We are so busy with school and with learning how to raise our precious baby it's hard to believe that he's already two months old!

Lot's to tell and it's only the fourth of the month!

  • I had the chance to FINALLY go to the temple, it was a wonderful experience and it was definitely something that I needed. Time seemed to stand still in the temple and there was such a feeling of peace. And I received answers to questions that I didn't even know I had. So that was a nice thing that I had the chance to do. 
  • I started getting our office cleared out. When we moved in 9 months ago, we kinda just put everything that didn't have a place yet in there. And for the past 8 months I have just shut the door with a, "out of sight out of mind" attitude, but I knew that it needed to get done, so that was my job this weekend. And I have made a path way! YAY!
  • I have also been meaning to get my accent wall painted in the living room. So on Saturday night, Rachel and I went to Home Depot, got some free carpet and tile samples, and picked out paint. Then we came home and I painted my wall! I messed up in a few spots but nothing that I can't fix. 
  • Sunday: I got a call from my mother asking if we would go over to her house for dinner so Jon could grill 4 steaks. Knowing that Timy and Meagan are at my parents house, I just figured that they had gone on an adventure for the day and that it would be my mum, dad, Jon and I. Well, when we got to the house, I walked in and Meagan was there sitting at the table! So I was confused. Come to find out that my sister in law-Elise, on her way to Maryland with the car that she and my brother had gotten from dad for their family, broke down in Nebraska. So the boys: Timy, Richard and my dad at one in the morning trekked out to Nebraska to tow the car home and Elise was put on a flight to Maryland. As soon as they put the car on the tow they traveled back; arriving home at about 6:30 Monday morning. A total of 29 hours they spent roundtrip. 
  • Monday: I am really proud of myself for this! I managed to put up the pictures of Liam (well the ones that Kiddie Kandids didn't royally screw up) and cleaned up my living room from Saturday's work. Then Jon and I dropped the baby off to my mother and we had a wonderful little date day! One that won't happen again for awhile! We went to Olive Garden, and then we went to the new Batman movie with Matt and Rachel. We then went and picked up our baby and came home. Then a couple hours later we got all dolled up and we went to the Brigham City Temple Open House! It was beautiful, and such a fun family home evening! Liam was such a good baby and slept for pretty much all of it. Then as I was holding him I heard it first, then I felt his diaper squish, and then he got the most relieved, happy look on his face. And then I realized that even though it wasn't a lot, some had come out the back of his diaper! I hurriedly made Jon give my his blanket and I wrapped it around him as we finished the tour. Then when we got back out to the car we changed him in the trunk of the van, because we knew we couldn't let him sit in it for the ride home. 
Well, those are the highlights of this weekend! We had a pretty fun time with our little family and best friends! Here are some pictures!!

Um.... who else thinks that he looks just like his daddy?

My cutie!! 2 Months Old!

Focus on the wall, I was an idiot and didn't take a before picture. See how white it is??

After!! YAY!! LOVE IT!

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