Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, February 4, 2013

7 month Update!

My little one is now 7 months old! Yikes! Where did the time all go? It really is crazy to think that Liam is only seven months, it feels like he has always been a part of our family, and then the months have flown by! Here is a list of some of the things I have learned the past several months:

  1. No matter how prepared you are with diaper and wipes- you will still get peed on
  2. It is possible for your newborn to pee, spit up and explosively poop on you all at the same time. And it's only funny when it happens to your husband
  3. when you are at church and your newborn spits up all over your sleeve, no matter how much you may try to wipe it off you can still smell spit up and you pray that noone else can smell it. You are also thankful that you play piano in primary and don't have to interact closely with others
  4. no matter how many toys your baby may have, nothing beats that plastic wrapper on the floor
  5. Everything goes in the mouth, even if it's a random fry on the round and you have to wonder when the last time you had fries
  6. Your newborn baby may be fast asleep on you, even snoring- but as soon as you stand up to take him to his crib he immediately wakes up and wants to play
  7. When you are so frustrated with your baby because he is mobile and getting into everything while you are trying to do homework he can turn on his charm and just smile ad giggle and you can't help but laugh and smile back at him.
  8. Nothing is sweeter than being gone for a little bit and walking in and seeing him smiling at you
  9. You fall more in love with your spouse as you go through all of this together

There is plenty more, but this is just a small list of what I've learned.

This month is an exciting one! I am starting up my piano and vocal lessons this month, and I am so excited to start working with my students! It will really be super fun, I really enjoy teaching, and if I didn't suck at theory so much I would want to get my degree in education. I can do the simple stuff no problem, but the really hard theory... yeah not so much.
I also got hired by Alyn to be her music director for Seussical Jr. at Syracuse Jr. High. We just got done with auditions last week, and they were so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing all the young talent, there are some pretty amazing kids! We cast the show and we have a meeting with the cast and the parents today, I am so excited to get started with them!

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