Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


We moved into our house over a year ago. And when we moved, we put all the extra boxes that didn't have a home in the spare bedroom upstairs-lovingly known as "the blue room". I thought that I would be on top of things and clean it out and organize it no problem! Then the months started going by and I started getting bigger and bigger and more tired, because, growing a child is mighty hard work! Then Liam was born and taking care of a child is even harder work! And now finally I've started working on it. Sadly, whenever we didn't know where to put something it went in there. So over this past year we've accumulated even more junk to go in there.
I've been organizing and cleaning and the hardest thing- throwing things away. Jon teases me that one day I'll be on A&E's Hoarders but in all honestly I am a packrat, the creative side of me sees things and thinks "hey! I can use that someday!" someday usually never comes and I'm just stuck with junk! I got an email from my relief society presidency saying that some of the kids in our ward are raising money for their Choir Trip, and the DI has said that for every full bag of donation items they will give $5! So that was my goal today! To go through all of the junk and see what could be treasures for others.
Jon and I managed to fill two and a half garbage bags full of donation items (mainly clothes that used to fit before marriage/baby was oh so good to us!) these are not just the small white garbage bags, these are the huge, black garbage bags that most people use to put raked leaves in. Over the course of the week I've filled three of these garbage bags with rubbish that will go to the dump. The sad part is I am not even half way done!! I'm trying to be ruthless and trying to throw the things away that I know or may even think we might not need but it is so hard!! Wish me luck!

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