Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Birth is a Miracle!

You know what amazes me? The fact that I created a child. I was looking through photo's of before I was pregnant, during pregnancy, the couple photo's I allowed while I was delivering and then the first picture taken of my sweet baby boy.

In the short nine months that I was pregnant, I managed to create a tiny human being that had all of the functions necessary to live on it's own. I know that nine months doesn't seem like it's short in the midst of it, but when you are on the other side of the nine months, and your child is two months away from being one, it's a very short time indeed.

I was flipping through pictures and saw that picture of Liam for the first time. Eyes wide open, looking right at the camera with the look of, "What just happened?" in his face. It amazes me that babies are just so perfect. Even with their imperfections, the fact that they are born and able to look around right away is amazing to me. It truly is a miracle!

I am so grateful that I am the woman and get to experience the joys of pregnancy to hearing the heartbeat for the first time, and seeing the baby on the ultrasounds, to feeling that first kick. It really amazes me! Motherhood is the greatest blessing and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with one of his precious spirits. Liam is more than I could ever hope for in a child, and I want nothing more than to be the best mom that I can be for him and that I can always be a good example for him.

The miracle of motherhood is simply amazing!

Where the plus sign is, is the beginning of my sweet Baby Liam. It was a flashing dot that marked his heartbeat

In January, getting out of my first trimester. This is when we started to tell people about my pregnancy!

At 30 weeks, my amniotic fluid was low, so I was sent to McKay Dee Hospital to get a Non-Stress Test done to make sure Liam was doing ok.

Rachel and I making cinnamon rolls. My pregnancy craving for the week

I wanted to lay on my stomach so bad, but couldn't because of my belly, so I put pillows down and laid down

I am 38 weeks in this photo. We had just finished getting Liam's room painted and cleaned up

One of Liam's Newborn Diapers. Getting closer!

One of the only hospital photo's we have

Minutes after Liam was born

First time meeting my baby after my black out episode

Liam at one day old.
Motherhood is seriously the best. It is so rewarding.
My cousin, Rocky, writes a very interesting blog that you should check out. It is really cool to see the different insight that he has about womanhood and the functions of the womb. Check it out here at 

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