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Mosher Clan!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New List! How to Not Make Mama Bear Angry!

I've written down several different lists that I have found, one being the list about the 9 Deadly Words used by a Woman and the list for The Non-Pregnant People of the World well I found a new one that I really enjoy!

How to NOT make Mama Bear Angry!
1. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances believe that it is ok to call any child that you personally did not conceive, carry, labor, deliver and raise: "my baby". This is a big no-no and will make the mother who did conceive, carry, labor, deliver and raise the child, not want to let you see her child. Unless you are the woman who did all of the above tasks or the man that helped her achieve this you do NOT call the child your own. It can be any of the following: "my buddy", "my grandson", "my grandbaby". But the child is not yours, and therefore nothing will anger a mama bear more than for someone to belittle everything she's gone through by taking away her title.

2. It is not ok to badger the mother or father of the child you want to see, by telling them constantly that you want to see *shudder* "my baby". (Revert back to #1 as to why that is a no no). Mama and Papa Bear are busy people, and I guarantee that they are not ignoring you. Let them be a family! Allow them the time that they need to figure things out. This is especially true for a family with a new little one. Parenthood is a big deal that has thrown the whole course of life upside down and it's not fair to guilt either party for time with the child. When they are ready they will come to you, and I promise they will. Whether it be friends, family, or grandparents, trust me- if the parental units have not explicitly said that they don't want you to be a part of their child's life they want you to be in his/her life.

3. Don't force the child to do something he/she doesn't want to do. The only person who should be allowed to tell a child what to do is their parents (unless you are given instructions to or if danger is coming upon the child.) And this isn't about discipline, this is about silly things, Such as toys! Toys are a wonderful thing! They really are, and they are fun for little kids to have a new toy. But if you give the child a toy and he/she doesn't play with it right away, don't force the kid to play with it. He/She will find it eventually and start playing with it. A child is a person with their own personality and if they don't want to do something they won't. Nothing makes a mama bear more upset than to see someone trying to force something on their child. 

4. In the day of modern technology; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all wonderful tools to share stories, updates and pictures with friends and family. When a family member or friend downloads a picture and puts it up on their personal account as their own Mama Bear will get real mad. That picture is theirs and not yours. It is NOT ok for you to take a picture and place it on your account. There is such a thing on Facebook that is called the "share" button. You can share the picture all you want, but nothing makes the steam come out of Mama Bear's ears faster than the moment she sees that you have put up HER picture of HER child on YOUR personal account. Don't do this... Otherwise she will consider letting pictures be the only way you see the child in question.

5. Last one is Food. Just because a child is old enough to chomp on food does not mean that Mama Bear wants her little one to eat whatever. If you are about to feed her child something, stop and think about the dangerous path you are crossing and the repercussions of that path. If you have not seen Mama Bear (or Papa Bear) feed their child the food in question then you had better put whatever it is down and not feed the bears. This especially goes for anything super sweet, sugary, sour, and whatever else isn't wholesome for a child to eat. Allowing new foods is the parents job, not the friend's or the grandparents; and you are crossing a big red line with sparkles and ribbons if you continue to go about it.

 I thought it was so funny.... and very true. There are so many things that bug me about what other people do with my child..... I'm kind of really protective of my baby. Because no one else knows what I've been through in this adventure. No one else deserves the title of mom or dad to Jon's and my precious Liam. And no one else deserves to call him "my little one" or "my baby" or "my Liam". Those words from anyone other than Jon is like nails on a chalkboard. But I keep my mouth shut and bite my tongue. Because I am nice... But this list really nails it on the head. I guess other mom's have had more problems than me. Haha. 

On another note: Liam was totally walking around today. Not a ton of steps but he was walking to get from point A to point B. Pretty sure he will be walking by the time this week is over. Also, his top teeth have broken through, and he took it like a champ. I've been sick for the past week with a wicked sinus infection and I think I gave my nasty cough to Jon and Liam, but apart from having a hacking cough he is still my smiling happy boy! I am so grateful for all the people in our lives, because Liam is sure loved by everyone! And I am grateful for the support that Jon and I have from our family and friends.      

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