Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liam's Cake Smash!

Yesterday was rather fun for me! 
I'm making invitations for Liam's birthday party with the Mosher side. We are going to have a fun little BBQ with Jon's side of the family! And I had been looking online at different invitation formats and whatnot and I really liked the idea of the cake smash for the first birthday. So yesterday I set to work and started making a cake, because I didn't want to pay for someone else to make it. I made a layered yellow cake with vanilla pudding in between the layers. Then I frosted it and covered it with fondant that I made and decorated it. It was interesting, considering that I've never made a cake like that before... I just tried to remember everything that the Cake Boss does. It was a pretty fun event. Not going to lie. It took me about six hours to make this cake. I ran out of powdered sugar and Liam had just barely taken his nap so I couldn't leave so I had to run over to my neighbour Glen and ask for powdered sugar. But it was a really fun experience! 
The beginning of my cake. I made three rounds to stack up and only one didn't break off the bottom.... yeah. I'm awesome

After I spread the buttercream frosting on the cake

After rolling out and placing the fondant. It was a rather difficult process, and it was hard to pick up the fondant after rolling it out.
the finished product. It's not perfect but it's all good. It was my first cake.
After finishing my cake it was time for us to take pictures of Liam so that we could put them on the invitations. I searched for a photographer who could take photo's that was in my price range, but I just couldn't find anyone. Everyone was so expensive and so I decided that I would take the photos myself. So I did. And they turned out pretty cute!

 I think we all had fun yesterday. Liam sure looks like he enjoyed his cake. And I know that I can actually make a decent looking cake for my kids. And take their pictures/edit the pictures. I can't believe that my baby is going to be turning one. How crazy is that? Two months to go and I will have a redheaded one year old on my hands. I am the luckiest mom ever! I love this little boy!

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  1. The cake and pics look great!!! I have never used fondant, but I want to learn how! You are so brave and your first cake turned out so cute!!! You are such a godd mommy :)