Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Individual Worth!

Ok, so I am keeping up with my Personal Progress. I finished Faith, and I am currently working on my Faith Value Project. I have decided that I am going to make an arrangement of Hymn No. 185 "Reverently and Meekly Now". This hymn is my favourite because it is the only Sacrament Hymn that is sung in first person from the Saviour. When you realize that and you go and read it I guarantee you will cry. That hymn has become so powerful to me, and it really is my favourite one.

I was starting on my next section and realized today when I finished it up that I skipped two pages on accident. So I'm going out of order, I felt silly, but then I wondered if it was actually meant to be. Many of you who read my blog know about my fight with my Postpartum Depression. It enveloped my whole soul (you can read about that here and then here) and it was the worst time of my life. Those of you who have experienced any kind of depression know how it makes you think the absolute worst about yourself. I know that there were many days that I just felt completely worthless. Even though I'm not really depressed anymore I still have those days where I just feel like I am a failure and I just have to go in the bathroom and cry for a minute- I don't count this as being depressed though, it's just called life. This value has been wonderful for me to have worked on these past couple of weeks. One of the experiences was about our Patriarchal Blessings, and I have to admit I was crying as I was doing my journal entry for this one. My Patriarchal Blessing is very special to me, and I love reading it especially if I haven't for awhile and I can see how all the blessings are just coming to pass every single day! There is something very cool about my Patriarchal Blessing, you see the signature at the top of my Blessing is the same signature that is on Jon's and my marriage license. I was 13 years old when I went with my parents to Patriarch Adams home, I was so young and so inexperienced in this world, and the blessings that I was given and the words that were spoken in his blessing prayer was very daunting to a young girl like me. Even now, I will read the words and be overwhelmed almost. I don't know how it came about but one day I was at my future in-laws home and I was talking to Jon's step mom and Sheri mentioned how the patriarch of my stake was now a temple sealer in the temple Jon and I chose to get married in. So I called up Patriarch Adams and I told him that he had given me my blessing, and then I asked him if he would be willing to perform the sealing. He said that he would be honored and so when I called the Ogden Temple I requested for him to be our sealer.
The other thing that I will talk about Individual Worth is that everyone is given gifts and talents from our Heavenly Father. Something a friend of mine said once that made perfect sense was that you cannot give a gift that you do not have. So the fact that Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much means that He himself must possess these gifts. With that being said, I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ make the perfect duet! I just imagine them with amazing voices! Cause- everything has to do with music in my world. Anyway, I digress... in the experience about talents and abilities/Gifts from God I was told to get a list of qualities that I have been blessed with from someone I know. So, of course, I go to my husband. I texted him at work and asked him to make a list of the qualities that I have been given and this was the list he sent back to me within five minutes:

Top ten qualities that my sweetheart Brittney Ann has been blessed with!
1. Her awesome disposition (you radiate awesomeness)!
2. Her innate ability to connect with others, and make friends!
3. Her ability to see good in those around her!
4. Her talents (scrapbooking, music, singing, and homemaking)!
5. Her ability to make others feel good about themselves!
6. Her optimistic attitude about everything!
7. Her ability to produce amazing offspring!
8. Her tendency to make her husband to smile and laugh everyday
9. Her awesome culinary skills!
10. She’s cute, funny, and talented, she was obviously made for me (:

I opened it and just started crying. How grateful I am to have such a wonderful husband who loves me so unconditionally. I am so in love with him! He also has started doing this cute thing where he will email me every morning with one reason he loves me. It has definitely been a blessing because when I'm feeling down I look at my emails and am just reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man by my side.

Updates from The Mosher Home!
  • Liam is officially walking! He doesn't do it all the time because he knows that crawling will get him wherever faster, but he will walk. It's actually super cute to watch him wobble unassisted. 
  • I may have a little drummer on my hands. Liam loves to drum on things using his hands, spoons, anything. He loves rhythm and loves to bob up and down to music.
  • Liam's top teeth have officially popped through!! He now has four teeth! Gone is his little gummy smile! He loves to use his toothbrush that Grandma Sheri got him for Christmas and he is learning that we brush our teeth everyday- next stop DENTIST! YIKES! 
  • Liam knows how to turn on his tv and push play to watch his movies. He also will stop the movie if he's bored with it.
  • Liam LOVES food! He will eat anything and everything.
  • Liam has learned how to throw tantrums. It's really quite amusing, although I can't laugh til later about it because I can't show him a reaction. But the other day I took something away from him and he screamed/babbled at me, then charged into my shins, and then when that didn't work he threw himself on the floor face first, kicked his legs, and cried. It took all of my will power to not laugh hysterically. 
  • He has now seen his 3rd musical: Rachel and Matt couldn't watch him for one of our rehearsals and so I just took him with me since it wasn't my cast and he watched our rehearsal happily.
  • Jon and I are in Pirates of Penzance opening this Friday May 31, (I don't perform til the June 1st matinee showing) 

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