Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Computer!

Well, I know that I will get in huge trouble if I don't let the whole world know that I now have my own computer. Cool huh? Complete with a 27" monitor. I'm almost as cool as Jon now! Basically, there was some super cool sale on some egg website (don't worry, I don't know what eggs have to do with computers either!) but this computer was on sale for a pretty good price. Jon told me about it and then asked if he could get it for me. I said sure, not really thinking that he would really go through with it. But he did. Apparently all the guys at work were jealous, but in the end I am now typing on my brand new keyboard that goes along with my very own computer. Who would have thought that I would be the one to have my own desktop.

Lots of other things to report! My kids are cute and I love them! In fact, if Duncan wasn't cute I don't know what I would do. You see, Duncan is quite the demanding child. Much more so than my dear Mr. Liam. Duncan loves to be held and snuggled, which I love-don't get me wrong- but it's hard to do things when he constantly wants to be held. Jon got me a MOBY wrap for my birthday a couple weeks ago, and it has been a sanity saver! When Duncan gets fussy, I just wrap him up to me and he immediately falls asleep for quite awhile. I can do dishes, and I can vaccuum, and I can do all sorts of things that I couldn't do without it. It's amazing! The other day, Duncan was very colicky and I was holding him and nothing I was doing was working. I had to go to the bathroom, so I decided that if he was going to cry whilst I held him and cry when he was put down, I would go to the bathroom and pee in peace! Then, I went into the room that had been designated as his, and I was fueled with energy to get the room finished. Up until then it had two coats of blue on three of the walls and I had painted the top six inches grey. I knew I still wanted to do a strip on the bottom, but there was so much to do! So I got my handy dandy vacuum and I vacuumed up the dust and then I taped up the bottom and painted that and the door. Then I moved furniture around that had all been put in the middle while we had taken off wallpaper and that nasty wallpaper glue, and then I washed the sheets for the crib and I moved the changing table into the room from my room and then we switched out the dressers from Duncan's room and Liam's room and then we moved the glider into Duncan's room. Then I vacuumed and got it all nice and now Duncan has his very own room! It's wonderful! And I have my room all to myself now!

Updates on the Mosher's and the Mosherlings!

DUNCAN- two days shy of 3 months old:
  • holds his head up really well and can push himself up on his arms while on tummy time
  • Loves. His. Thumb! Seriously, this kid is hilarious. He rolled over a couple weeks ago for the first time and it wasn't because he wanted to... oh no... it was because he was trying to find his thumb and kept pushing his body over and then he just kind of flipped. The look on his face was priceless. I have tried to push the binky over the thumb, but it doesn't work out. He will spit out the binky and immediately go for his thumb
  • We've gotten into a good routine with him, I feed him at about 9 or 9:30 pm and then he will sleep til 8 or 8:30 depending on how loud Liam is when he wakes up, then he stays up and will coo and giggle until around 1 when he gets a little cranky and he'll go down for a nap from 1-5pm. I'd forgotten how wonderful schedules are!
  • He smiles and giggles so cutely! Oh my goodness, my heart just tingles when I hear his sweet little giggle
  • He still has his blue eyes! So happy about that! 
  • His spitting up has gotten much better since I started eliminating things from my diet. I no longer drink milk or eat much cheese, nor do I drink caffeine, and I'm starting to eliminate bread out of my diet as well.

LIAM- a week shy of 2 years old:
  • Liam turns two next week! We've kept him alive for two years! It makes me cry thinking about it
  • His vocabulary is just blossoming. I was really nervous about it for a little bit, but he is just like a sponge and is just soaking up everything that we say and do!
  • He has his very own chore chart, which I need to get better at enforcing every night.He is supposed to pick up his books, blocks and laundry. Most of the time he does a pretty good job when I ask him to
  • He's getting much better at listening and following directions. He will stay closer to me and not run off all the time now. Today, I had to clean out my van so we could get it inspected and registered and he stayed by me almost the whole time. He only ran off once!
  • He loves to go outside, and every time that my dad comes home he will run to him and make him pick him up and then point to outside. We got him a trampoline, and we are going to get him a swingset and I want to get one of those water tables for him to play with too. 
  • He is the sweetest little boy, who loves everyone! It's amazing to see him everywhere we go, he doesn't discriminate and he just loves everyone he sees. He's always willing to wave and say hello to anyone within earshot. 
  • He is always wanting to help mommy! It is so sweet, even when he's a little more of a hinder than a help, I am grateful for his willingness
  • He is able to take care of himself... the other day at the park, this little girl who was about a head taller than him took the toy he was playing with- and without hesitation he full on ran after her and tackled her to the ground. This same day he randomly sat down in some guys lap and was getting comfortable until his child became quite distraught that he'd taken over her daddy. So... if any of my single friends want to borrow him to meet people, go for it!
  • I know I'm missing more of his hilariousness but I'll write another post some time for him
ME- just turned 24:
  • I'm getting better at this whole being a mom of two kids thing and being an awesome wife! I pack lunches for Jon. I'm so awesome!
  • This month was kind of crazy: at my 6 week postpartum checkup I had to have a pap-smear done, what I wasn't anticipating was that it would come back abnormal. So my doctor wanted me to go in and have a colposcopy done. I researched it and discovered that it could be either nothing or it could be pre-cancerous cells that caused the abnormality. After officially freaking myself out, lots of prayers, fasting and a Priesthood Blessing I went in to have a colposcopy done. There was some inflammation and so my doctor did two biopsies to send to the lab to have more testing done on. Thankfully, a week later, I got a call back saying that it wasn't pre-cancerous and that it was just an infection that could easily be cleared up. So yay for not having cancer!
  • Last week I cleaned my kitchen, living room, dining room, got a bag ready to go to the DI, Duncan's room, Liam's room and the basement! Unfortunately life was lived and my kitchen, dining room and living room are now a mess again. I feel like I'm always cleaning something
  • I am getting ready to do some small renovations in the house. Basically making it more aesthetically appealing! I am going to be painting my bathroom a light blue and sanding down the cabinets from the brown that they are and painting them a lighter colour, and I'll be doing the same to the cabinets in the kitchen and doing some work in there. I also am going to be doing some more work in my bedroom, I've found a nice bedroom bed set that I am going to get to update my bedroom a little more
  • Like I said earlier I've had to give up several foods because I'm nursing. Through trial and error I've discovered that some things cause Duncan to have tummy issues- such as dairy and caffeine... so many things have milk and life is hardly bearable on tough days without my diet coke with lime. But nursing is so important to me and I would cut out anything to make sure that I could still do it
  • Jon and I had a date night without our children! Holy cow, it was so weird but I was so grateful for it! We just went to dinner but it was wonderful to be able to just eat without having distractions of children
JONATHAN- two weeks away from 26:
  •  still going strong in school, which I am SO proud of him
  • he gave a beautiful blessing to Duncan
  • we decided that because he will study until the wee hours of the morning that on those nights he will just stay downstairs and sleep in our guest room, because he doesn't want to wake me up and it's not good for him to be awakened by our children early in the morning when he went to bed sometimes only four hours before they wake up. Anyway, on those days he will always leave a note on the bed for me in the morning. Most mornings it makes me cry to think about how sweet he is
  • he also got a "date box" subscription for us! It's this cool box that comes to us and it has a planned date for us all planned. Jon and I used to do special evenings but with hectic schedules and then children, it just hasn't happened. So it was really fun to get a cool date box... even though we haven't done it yet. Soon!
All in all, our little family is doing really well!

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