Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our June in Pictures!

 These are skull socks that my brother sent me when Liam was born. He is finally old enough to wear them, and of course they match perfectly with his new Cookie Monster shoes right? 

 This is my daddy and Liam. Liam moved his chair over to where my father was and made sure that he had a drink just like papa!

Jon and our cute little Duncan taking a nap! Jon is so stinking adorable with both of our children, and I could not have asked for a better husband!

 My little stud! We were trying on Sunglasses at the store and he tried on a pair of aviators! Just like Daddy!

 Liam and Uncle Scotty! Scot will come over and help me out sometimes in the morning now that it's summer break and he's such a huge help, because he will play with Liam all day long and I'm able to get some work done!

 Jon and Duncan! Such a cute pair!

 Liam and I on my birthday! We went to Target and he found a hat that he loves and refused to take off! It was a battle to let the checkout lady scan it!

 My MOBY wrap that Jon got me for my birthday! I was so happy to finally have a way to hold Duncan without having to hold Duncan. He loves it and I love it!

 Jon, Duncan and I! How I love this man!

 This is Dr. Johnson! He's the man that delivered Duncan. I was so grateful that I was able to find another Doctor that I loved as much as Dr. Hall! As sad as I am that Dr. Hall retired, I am so grateful that I was able to get in as Dr. Johnson's patient!

 Look how strong my little man is getting!!

 Before the opening prayer had even been said, Duncan spit up on me THREE times! Three!! I was completely saturated in baby goo... Gross!

 We took Liam and Duncan to This is the Place park. And he loved it! This shot was too cute not to get! I love how Liam will hold our hand everywhere we go!

 Liam loved riding the pony! He went twice!

 One thing that Liam loves to do is play in water! So I fill up the sink with warm water and bubbles and give him measuring cups and spoons and let him have at it! He gets the area VERY wet, hence why he is in just a diaper. I actually hate it when kids run around in just diapers.

 Downward Dog Position!

Liam's little hand in mine. It's so sweet when we sit and watch Bubble Guppies or Little Einsteins or Peppa Pig and he will just hold my hand. These moments I will cherish forever!

 Duncan's smile! Oh my goodness. I love when he gives me smiles and coos! His giggles are pretty cute too!

 Me and my two little boys! I love them so much and I am so lucky to be their mommy!

 This look was so funny! Duncan was nursing and he was staring at me the whole time! He is starting to become very aware of his surroundings!

 Liam and I the other day lounging around downstairs doing some laundry!

 Duncan and that thumb! He loves it!

 I love when Jon will nap with the baby! They look so adorable and Duncan is definitely comfortable. He loves his daddy!

My niece Jacquie and nephews Nate and Trevor with Duncan. Liam absolutely loves Nate! And my other niece Christy. Liam and Christy are inseparable, only because Liam won't let her out of his sight!
 Liam laying in Duncan's bouncer. He is so funny!