Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ok!! So my good friends know that I am currently in a show called Nunsense! It's an awesome show and I am super excited for the chance to be a part of this amazing cast! I am performing with some of the most awesome/hilarious women I know! And who doesn't love an all women cast?? The other women in the cast are
Heather Lewis/Sister Leo, who I haven't really known til now, but it's been super fun getting to know her and we click really well! I remember back when they did Suessical at CHS my 9th grade year and she was a member of that cast and I was SOO jealous cause she had a pretty good role for not even being in high school!
Kathy Lewis/Sister Hubert, I remember doing Anne of Green Gables and working backstage for that show, and there was this one scene where we all had to sing Christmas Songs and this was the first time that I heard Kathy sing and I remember thinking to myself, "wow... she is really good! I hope I can sing like her one day!!"
Andra Thorne/Sister Robert Anne: Oh my goodness! I am so excited to work with her. I've always known of her because she is the Davis High Drama Teacher and she is really good friends with Alyn, but I didn't know just how funny she is until we started rehearsals for this show! I remember when I was a Senior and in charge of our Productions Retreat I asked Alyn if we could have Andra come and do a mini workshop, if you will. And she came and she taught us so many things but the one thing that I remember specifically is when she told us that when you are on stage and you have to move somewhere, to avoid running into other people always go to the right. And I remember her getting one of my classmates and demonstrating. And every show I've been in since then I have remembered that for some reason.
Finally, Alyn Bone/Mother Superior Sister Mary Regina: Aw man... I have a special place in my heart for Alyn. I loved loved loved being a member of her class for three years and even spending most of my summers with her. She has been such a wonderful example to me! And I don't even think that she will ever know just how much she means to me! All of my siblings graduated from Layton High, and when the time came for me to go to High School, I had the choice between going to Layton or going to Clearfield. And I'd been feeling really not ok with my decision to go to Layton and then one day my mum and I were driving and went past Clearfield High, and I got an impression so strongly that I told my mum to stop and turn into the high school. And I knew that I needed to go to Clearfield High. And I honestly think that Alyn was one of the many reasons I was supposed to go to Clearfield. I learned so much from her and I continue to learn a lot. She gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow and to become a better actor and to come out of my shell, and where I'm still kind of a shy actor I know that I'm no where near as shy as when she helped me. She has been an amazing mentor and friend to me, and I love working with her and continually learning from her.

So that is our cast! (I play Sister Amnesia!) anyway so we've been doing rehearsals since the end of May, and they have seriously been such a blast! I'm still super shy in trying new things, cause I don't really like going past my comfort zone and I honestly don't think I'm even that good at it, but I continue to try. Today was one of those days, we have rehearsals at 9 on Saturday mornings and so I got there and then we started working on a song called, 'Tackle that Temptation' and it's a tap dance number... yeah... tap... I seriously haven't tapped since I was in Nanette Mabey's class back almost 10 years ago!! And so I get there and I'm just terrified, and Andra was the choreographer with this number. And holy cow, can she dance!! She is such an awesome tapper and I was just kinda in awe just watching her. She made everything look so fluid and so pretty, and it sounded flawless! And then she started teaching us basic steps and then adding them into combinations. I didn't do as horribly as I thought I would! It still kicked my a double s, but it wasn't as horrible as I had been imagining! I still came home super sore but the combination of "touch, hop, falap, step, step" has been in my mind all day! And then I was an igit and left my score at home so I couldn't even write in the steps!! Thank goodness for Kathy and I being in the same ward, she's bringing it to church tomorrow so that I can write down all the steps!

So yes, that is the latest adventure in our life! Jon is currently trying to lose weight and so he's been cutting down on what he eats and has been trying to exercise everyday! And he's been doing so awesome! I am so proud of him and his drive to do this. He's cut out soda completely and even when he has the option to go for juice or water he's opting for water. He's cut back on his calories and is either running or swimming every night! And I am trying so hard to be a good wife and so I'm also no longer drinking soda! We even were allowed to borrow Jon's parents old bikes and so we took those to the bike fixing place and we will be getting those back on Wednesday! And Jon is so excited to go bike riding! He won't stop talking about it! So as soon as those bikes get back I need to be prepared to start riding everywhere!! We even have a couple friends who want to join our little exercise group! And so for the summer we will have Dallin Mills and Nate Barton be our biking buddies!! It'll be fun!! Hard work...but fun... or so I'm told!

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